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Unit 4: The Church

Review Chapters 10, 11, and 12

ways of praying and living as a disciple spiritualities
image for the Church, first used to refer to God's Chosen People in the Old Testament People of God
the purification of a sinner, here on Earth or in Purgatory due because of forgiven sins of or the attachment to sin temporal punishment
levels of leadership and membership in the Church hierachy
official Church teachings we are obliged to believe doctrine
the holiness of Jesus and the good works of Mary and the Saints accounted to the Church spiritual treasury
the twelve men Jesus chose to be his closest followers and to share in his work and mission in a special way Apostles
release from some of the punishment for sin indulgences
a name for the Church, whose baptized members are all united to Christ and one another through the Holy Spirit, forming one holy people with Christ as her head Mystical Body of Christ
word meaning a gathering or assembly Church
different ways to pray schools
letters written by the Pope to the Church community encyclicals
Church laws are contained in the __________. Code of Canon Law
Jesus sent the Twelve out two by two to announce the coming of the __________. Kingdom of God
The __________ teaches us as disciples to pray. Holy Spirit
The __________ reality of the Church includes Christ's presence among us through the power of the Holy Spirit. spiritual
Through the Holy Spirit, Baptism, and the __________, Jesus forms the Church as his Body. Eucharist
Jesus taught his disciples that he was the __________ and they were the branches. vine
__________ is one of the Marks of the Church. Apostolic
__________ is silent, reflective prayer. Contemplative prayer
Why do we need both faith and Baptism for salvation? Even if we have faith, we must be baptized into new life in Christ to receive salvation. Baptism takes away Original Sin and makes a person a child of God.
How is our celebration of the Eucharist unique in terms of prayer? When we celebrate the Eucharist we are praying the Church's most important prayer. We are worshipping God together and receiving the Body and Blood of Christ.
Describe how the Church is both visible and spiritual. In our visible gathering as the Church, we are the People of God. As a spiritual group we are the Mystical Body of Christ, for Christ is present among us.
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