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Chapter 11

Christ Present Among Us

The word __________ means a gathering or assembly. Church
As we gather as the Church, we are the __________. People of God
As a spiritual group, the Church is called the __________. Mystical Body of Christ
The Church is organized into a __________ with different levels of leadership and membership. hierarchy
The Church is __________ because the power of the Holy Spirit unites all the members through one faith and one Baptism. one
True of False: Through the Holy Spirit, Baptism, and the Eucharist, Jesus forms the church as his Body. True
True of False: Jesus taught his disciples that they were the roots and he was the branches. False. Jesus is the vine, we are the branches.
True of False: The Church is both invisible and spiritual. False. The Church is both a visible reality and a spirtual one.
True of False: Everyone in the Church is responsible to care for those in need. True
True of False: Jesus taught that people would be rewarded at the Assumption for the ways they helped him on Earth. False. People would be rewarded at the Last Judgment.
The Church is __________ because the power of the Holy Spirit unites all her members through one faith and one Baptism. one
The organization of the Church into different levels of leadership is the __________. hierarchy
In the Beatitudes, Jesus asks us to recognize his presence in __________. people who are poor or persecuted
Saul (Paul) became a believer and wrote that the Church is __________. the Body of Christ
Because of the different __________ of her members, the Church is able to help build God's Kingdom in many ways and places. gifts
The __________ is the Church, united to Christ and one another through the Holy Spirit, forming one holy people with Christ as her head. Mystical Body of Christ
Acts that meet people's physical needs are the __________. Corporal Works of Mercy
A word that means a "gathering" or an "assembly" is __________. Church
Why do we need both the physical and spiritual parts of the Church? We are both physical and spiritual beings, that Christ was both human and Divine, and that we are his Body on Earth.
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