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Mrs. Emery


Egypt waas divided into two parts...in the north (by the NILE DELTA) this area was called.... LOWER EGYPT
The area in the south of Egypt is called UPPER EGYPT
Ancient Egyptians wanted the Nile to flood because it was good for .... Farming...the rich silt and water was great for farming
The Nile River flood was predictable and Biannual (true or false) TRUE
When the Nile floods the rich silt is BAD for farming and therefore BAD for the economy FALSE
A triangular shaped area of land at the mouth of a river with rich silt DELTA
cataracts rapids along a river, such as those along the Nile in Egypt
How did Egypt develop into upper and lower egypt? Farms grew into villages and then into cities and then into upper and lower Egypt
Egyptian Farmers and Mesopotamian both ________________ to water their crops canals
_____________________ helped protect Egypt from invaders natural barriers
Why was it good that the Nile flooded Biannually (two times a year)? made farming possible because of silt and irrigation canals (water)
Which social class made up the MAJORITY of the population in Egypt farmers
According to tradition, which King united upper and lower Egypt and wore the double crown MENES
According to our text, which Pharaoh was know for being the most Famous of the OLD KINGDOM and was known for his great monuments KHUFU
For more than 3,000 years the Egyptian Writing was a mystery....until the discovery of this object? Rosetta Stone
Who founded the first dynasty? Menes
In the old Kingdom the people thought this person was both King and god PHARAOH
Describe the social classes in EGypt(top to bottom) Pharaoh, Nobles (priests and govt. officials), Scribes and craftspeople, farmers and below them Servants and slaves
During the Old Kingdom traders traded with their neighbors...list items traded with NIBIA= gold, copper, ivory, stone, and slaves
At the end of the Old Kingdom there were about_______ people living in EGypt 2 million
During the Old Kingdom traders traded with their neighbors...list items traded with SYRIA= Wood
During the old Kingdom the people were polytheists and worshipping the gods was part of daily life, all egyptians were expected to= worship the same gods
A _____________________ is a series of rulers from the same family =dynasty
This crown symbolized the unification of upper and lower Egypt =double crown
A person's life force/the part of the person that left the body and became a spirit =KA
What was the process called of preserving a human body to prevent decay =embalming
The size and shape of the pyramids =showed the importance of the pharaoh
Why did the people want the pharaoh to be happy in the after life? =they believed he was the link to the gods
Who drove the Hyskos out of Egypt in the New Kingdom =Ahmose of Thebes
What factor helped the growth of trade in the New Kingdom? =Egypt's conquest (conquering) of foreign lands
How did military conquests (conquering) help trade? = As more and more areas came under Egyptian control, traders traveled farther and farther away in the EGYPTIAN EMPIRE
Hatshepsut was unique because she was =a WOMAN
Who found the Rosetta Stone? in 1799 the French Army (Napolean) was building (rebuilding) an old fort along the Nile River on a branch called the Rosetta.
Ramses the Great is best remembered for his great military conquests and battles against the Hittites and his great monuments
After Hatshepsut died who destroyed all of her monuments? her step son
The rosetta stone had which three for
The Egyptian writing system Hieroglyphics
Egyptian Art had specific rules list the most important A front view eye on a side view head, front view upper torso, both feet and hands are alike, animal heads on humans (VIPSonly), colorful border patterns, important people bigger than others
There were how many forms of Egyptian writing? three
Egyptian writing had no_________________. vowels
Egytpian writing also had no ____________________, no __________________, and no ______________________. punctuation, periods, spaces
The Egyptians called their writing MEDU NETER "WORDS OF GOD"
The three form of Egyptian writing are Hieroglyphics, hieratic, and demotic
Hieroglyphics was the formal and ceremonial writing and it is the writing used in the tombs
Heiratic every day shorthand writing , the EGyptians called it sesh...the greeks called it hieratic
Demotic business form of heiratic
NAPOLEoN sent copies of the Rosetta Stone to scholars around the world
The three forms of writing on the Rosetta Stone are Hieroglyphics, Demotic, and Greek
Which language is the key to deciphering the Egyptian Language Greek-they could read Greek and the message was the same in all the three writings
Who DECIPHERED the Rosetta Stone? First the demotic...later the entire Rosetta Stone First Thomas Young and Francis Champoliion broke the code
Why were tombs filled with art, jewelry ,and other treasures? THey believed the Egyptians enjoyed these in the after life
in 1922 the tomb of this Pharaoh was found almost totally intact...and this has taught us much about Egyptian life. King Tutankhamen
polytheism belief in many gods
Knowledge of this made the construction of the Great Pyramid possible engineering
Elite People of wealth and power
This body of water is at the mouth of the Nile River and Nile Delta Mediterranean
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