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Ancient india

Ancient India Vocabulary

Subcontinent Large landmass that is smaller than a continent
Indus River Valley Location of first Indian civilzation
Monsoon Seasonal wind patterns that produce wet and dry seasons
Harappan Civilzation Advanced civilization that settled along Indus River with a strong central government and advanced way of life
2300-1700 B.C. Years during which the Harappan Civilization thrived
Harappa and Mohenjo Daro 2 large Harappan cities whose ruins tell historians what is known about Harappan society
The Vedas Thousands of oral scriptures & poems that tell of the history & religion of Aryans
Aryans Northern Invaders that swept through northern India after the fall of the Harappan civilization
Sanskrit Most important language of Ancient India
Hinduism Main religion of Ancient India
Caste System Complicated set of divisions of people within Indian society; higher castes were “purer” than lower castes
Brahaminsim Religion that was the basis for Hinduism
Reincarnation The soul does not die when the body dies, but returns as another human or animal; main belief of Hinduism and Buddhism
Reincarnation The only way to move up in the caste system
Karma The effects that good or bad actions have on a person’s soul
Jainism Religion based on the teachings of Mahavira whose main belief is nonviolence
Buddha Main deity of Buddhism
Missionaries People who work to spread their religious beliefs
Candragupta Maurya Founder of the Mauryan Empire
King Asoka Strongest of all the Mauryan emperors
Buddhism Religion that heavily influenced King Asoka
Gupta Dynasty Dynasty founded by Candra Gupta I
Candra Gupta II Emperor during the height of the Gupta dynasty
Metallugy Science of working with metals
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