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Phleb. Final Games


Lavender Tubes Should Be Inverted, How Many Times? 8-10 Times
The Purpose of Using an Antiseptic on the Patients Skin, Prior to Venipuncture, is to? To Prevent Bacteria and Other Contaminates on the Skin, From Entering The Blood.
Using Gloves During A Venipuncture, is Enforced, by What Agency? OSHA *Occupational Safety and Health Administration
What Two Systems Form the Circulatory System? The Lymphatic and Cardiovascular Systems
Blood Pressure Describes? The Force of the Aqueous Blood Exerts, on the Arterial Walls.
What Would You Use a 16 Gauge Needle For? Blood Donation
What is a Reversible Anticoagulant? Sodium Citrate (Blue)
How is Blood Type Determined? *Antigens *Antibodies *Red Blood Cells
To Test For Lactate, A Phlebotomist would Collect a What? Green Tube *Sodium/Lithium Heparin *Anti-Coagulant *On Ice
A BMP is What Color Tube? Red-Tiger Top or Gold (SST)
Production of Red Blood Cells, Can Be Called What? Hemopoiesis
Green Tubes Have What Additive In It? Sodium/Lithium Heparin
A Cell Which is Made Up of Hemoglobin Contained In A Membrane Can Be Called? Erythrocytes/Red Blood Cells
T-Cells and B-Cells Are? Lymphocytes
What Percent of Plasma is Water? 90 Percent (90%)
Define Nosocomial Infection. Hospital Acquired Infection
How Far Above the Draw Site, Should the Tourniquet Be? 3-4 Inches
Muscular Arteries Are Lined With? *Endocardium *Tunica Intima (Endothelial Cells)
How Many Times Should a Plastic Serum Tube Be Inverted? 5 Times
Hemostasis is? The Process of, Clotting and Closing, An Open Wound.
K2 EDTA Is In What Color Plastic Tube? Purple/Lavender
Royal Blue Tubes Contain Which Type of Additive? K2 EDTA or Clot Activator
The Brachial Artery is Close To Which Vein? Basilic Vein
Immunohematology Tests Include? *Pink Tube *K2 EDTA *Anticoagulant *Used In Blood Typing
Define Buffy Coat. The Buffer Between The Plasma, and Formed Elements, After Centrifugation. *Contains Lipids (Fats)
All Microbes that Pose a Potential Risk to Human Health can Be Called? Pathogens
What is One of the Main Functions of Your Kidneys? To Pull the Urea, (A Nitrogenous Waste) Out of the Blood Supply, and Excrete it in the Form of Urine.
Define Venous Collapse. When The Pressure Exerted on a Vein, By the Evacuated Tube, Overpowers The Vein, Causing It to Collapse. *Often Referred To As, "Blown Veins"
What Color Tube is Used For Plasma Based Protein Testing? Green
Define Thrombocytopenia. Decreased Platelets In The Circulatory System
Define Tendons. The Structures That Attach, Muscles to the Skeleton.
Immediately After Being Re-oxygenated by the lungs, Blood is Returned to Which Structure First? Left Atrium
Why Does a Red Top Tube Yield Serum? Because there is No Anticoagulant in the Serum Collection Tubes. Therefore, Clots Form and are Isolated to the bottom of the Tube. *Silicone Coated
CBC Stands For What? Complete Blood Count
A Westergren Sedimentation Rate is Done in What Tube? Black
Define Virulence. The Potency of a Pathogen
What Feature Carries Blood Away From The Heart? Arteries
K2 E is What Additive? EDTA-Dipotassium Salt
Define Fibrinolysis. Once the Tissue Has Repaired Itself, The Clot is No Longer Needed, So, A Substance called Plasmin, Breaks up the Fibrin Clot into Small Pieces called, Fibrin Degradation Products. That, is Then Removed by Specialized Cells.
Hemoglobin is Necessary in the Blood Because? Hemoglobin is the, Oxygen Carrying Portion of a Red Blood Cell, Because, o2 is Poorly Soluble in Blood.
How Long Will a Gray Tube Preserve Blood for Analysis? 1-5 Days
Another Name For BMP is? CHEM 7 *Basic Metabolic Panel
How Far Below a Draw Site Can You Anchor a Vein? 4-6 Inches
A Blood Urea Nitrogen is Used To Assess What Organ? Kidney Function
Define Myocardium. The Thick Middle Layer, That Contains The Cardiac Muscle, and is Responsible For the Contraction of the Cardiac Chambers.
How Many Types of White Blood Cells Are There? 5 Types *Neutrophils *Eosinophils *Basophils *Monocytes *Lymphocytes
Cells Add and Subtract Substances From Blood Until It Becomes, What? Lymph
CO2 is a Product of? The Cellular Metabolism of Glucose
Petechia Appears As? Tiny Red Dots Around the Area of the Draw.
What Two Types of White Blood Cells are, Phagocytic? Neutrophils and Monocytes
What Color Tube Contains a, Thrombin-Based Clot Activator? Orange
Hemolysis is? The Rupture of Blood Cells Often Caused By: *Blood Traveling, Too Quickly, Through a Needle With Too Small of a Gauge *Insufficient Samples in Certain Tubes Blue/Sodium Citrate Purple/K2 EDTA Gray/FX *Improper Tourniquet Times
CBC Has A Series of How Many Tests? 7 Tests
To Label a Capillary Tube, The Phlebotomist Should? Place Capillary Tube Inside Red-Top Tube, and Label.
What is the Appropriate pH of Blood? 7.4
Tunica Externa Is? *The Outer Layer of a Vessel *Made of Connective Tissue *Thinner on Veins than Arteries
What Does Potassium Do? It Plays a Key Role in, Heart Muscle Function.
The Nucleus of Leukocytes Does, What? *Helps Maintain Their Growth and Size *Includes The Genetic Code That Allows Them To Recognize Familiar, Cells and Organs.
What Immune Function Occurs at Lymph Nodes? The Transportation of Pathogens, Occur in the Lymph Nodes, Where They are Then Destroyed, By Immunity Cells.
A Tan Tube Does Not Have? *Gel *Trace Lead Content
What Causes Hemolysis? *When Blood Travels, Too Quickly, Through a Needle With Too Small of a Gauge *Insufficient Samples in Certain Tubes (Blue/Sodium Citrate) *Improper Tourniquet Times
What Might Cause Hemoconcentration? If a Tourniquet Is Left On, For More Than 2 Minutes, It Can Cause a Concentration of the Cells, and Other Solutes In Blood, as Fluid Pools, Below the Site of the Tourniquet.
What Causes a Failed Draw? *Tube Error *Positioning Of The Needle *Venous Collapse
If a Vein is Transfixed, What Action Should be Taken? Pull Back On Needle *If This Does Not Remedy the Situation, Observe the Transfixed Vein, and, Check For Hematoma Formation, If Affirmed, Remove the Tourniquet, and End the Draw Immediately
How Do You Handle Cold Agglutinins? 1. Pre-Warm The Tube To 37*C 2. Return The Tube To Warming Wrap, As Soon As, The Draw Is Finished
How Long, Should a Patient Fast, For a Basal Draw? 12 Hours
Define Syncope? Fainting
Blood Cultures, Test For What Condition? Septicemia *A Condition Where Bacteria Has Entered The Blood
What is True about Butterfly Needles? *Winged Collection or Winged Infusion Set *Greater Precision in Placement *More Flexibility During Tube Changes *Used On Difficult Veins *Commonly Used with a Smaller '23' Gauge *Used With Evacuated Tube, or Syringe *Always Use Discard Tube To Remov
How Long is a GTT Fast? 10 Hours
When Performing a GTT, At What Point, Do You Start the Timer? When The Patient Has Finished Drinking The, Glucose Syrup
What Affects Test Results? Patient-Based Error (Exercise, Failure to Fast, Emotional Stress, Drugs, and Biological Sex) Environment-Based Error (Altitude) Technician-Based Error (Hemolysis, Hemoconcentration, Incorrect Levels/Order of Draw)
What does Proper Antiseptic Practice Include, In terms of, a Bleeding Time Test? 1. Place Arm In Supine Position 2. Clean Below the AC with Betadine, or an Iodine Swab, In A Circular Motion. 3. When Dry, Clean Again With Alcohol Prep Pad
How do you Know when a Patient gives Implied Consent? When a Patient Physically or Verbally, Gives the Medical Professional Permission, To Proceed with the Procedure or Treatment. (When a Patient Rolls Out Their Sleeve or Holds Out Their Arm, To The Phlebotomist)
If a Hematoma is Formed During Your Venipuncture, What Steps do You Take? 1. Pop The Tourniquet 2. Remove The Needle 3. Apply Sufficient Pressure Until A Clot Forms
What is True About Needle Redirection? *Do Not Pull The Needle Out Of The Arm *Pull the Apparatus Back Slightly *Angle It Appropriately *Push it Into the Vein, While Anchoring Firmly *Do Not Attempt More Than Once *Do Not Probe With The Needle *May Cause Irreparable Damage to Patient
What are Possible Solutions to Collapsed Veins? *Remove the Tube to See if the Vein Will Refill, and then Use a Smaller Tube, or Syringe to Complete the Draw *Remove Needle and Select an Alternate Draw Site *Preemptively Use a Smaller Tube or Syringe, to Reduce the Chances of Collapse *After Two Att
What is An Example of Patient Based Error? A Patient's Physical Condition,
Patients Have the Right To? Refuse A Draw
HIPAA Stands for What? Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act
What is the Technical Term for, Fats in the Blood? Lipids
The Circulatory System Refers to What? The Lymphatic and Cardiovascular Systems
Where is the Tunica Intima Located? The Inner-Most Layer of the Vessels (Same in Veins and Arteries)
Very Small Organisms, Can Be Called What? Microbes
The Fluid Between the Cells of the Body is Called? Lymph (Intracellular Fluid)
Define Hematopoiesis? The Production of Blood Cells In Marrow
What Puncture Structures Are, Closer To the skins' surface? Veins (Superficial)
Blood Passing Through the Heart, Will Enter, Which Structure First? Right Atrium (RA)
What is Confluence? The Point Where Veins Join Together
The Pulmonary Portion of the Cardiovascular System, Performs What Function? Re-Oxygenation
Serum Pregnancy Hormone, Is What? Hcg Hormone
Define Reticulocyte? Immature RBC, Formed in Marrow, and Stored in Spleen. (Hemopoiesis)
Define Blood Pressure? The Force of the Aqueous Blood Exerts, on the Arterial Walls.
Define Myocardium? The Thick Middle Layer of the Heart, Which Contains the Cardiac Muscle, and is Responsible for the Contraction of the, Cardiac Chambers.
The Cardiovascular System Delivers Oxygen to the Individual Cells of the body, Using what type of Vessels? Capillaries
Immunizations protect the body from disease, Because the Activate, What? The Antibodies of the, Adaptive Immune System
Which of the Following Actions Should You Take After An Accidental Arterial Puncture? 1. Pop The Tourniquet 2. Remove The Needle 3. Apply Pressure 4. Raise Arm Above The Heart 5. Maintain Pressure For 10 Mins.
What is True About Arteries? *Thicker Walls *Bright Red Blood *Adjust in Diameter *Has Pulse *Carries Blood Away From Heart
What is True About Veins? *Thinner Walls *No Pulse *Minimal Contraction *Can Stretch or Constrict *Has Valves *Between Skeletal Muscles *Carries Blood Back Towards Heart
What is True about Capillary Beds? *Microscopic Exchange Vessels *Transports o2, Co2, and Nutrients to cells *So Small, Only One Cell, Can Flow Through *Are At A Higher Pressure Than Veins, Similar to that of Arteries *Link Between, Arterial & Venous Vessels
What is the Most Ordered Blood Test? CBC
What is a Reversible Anti-Coagulant? Sodium Citrate (Light Blue)
Where Does The Body Produce Red Blood Cells? Bone Marrow (Long Bones)
A CBC Test is Collected In, What Color Tube? Purple or Lavender
What is the Pink Tube Used For? Immunohematology/Blood Typing
What is the Process of Clotting referred to as? Hemostasis
Define Anemia? Low Red Blood Cell Count
T-Cells and B-Cells Are? Lymphocytes
Compared to the Ph of Water, Blood Is? More Basic
What Type of Blood Cells, Cause Allergic Reactions? Basophils
What Determines Blood Types? Antigens
What Fluid Has No Fibrin? Serum
If you Draw a Chem 7, What Color Tube would you Use? Red Red-Tiger Gold Orange
What type of Blood Type, Could Donate to a patient with O+ Blood? O-
The Results of the BUN and Creatinine on a Chem 7 Test, Tell us about what Body Function? Kidney Function
What is the Purpose of the Clot Activator, in the Gold Tube? Obtaining Serum
After Being Spun Down by Centrifugation, A tube Without an Anti-Coagulant, will yield which fluid? Serum
What Tube, Might You Find a Clot In? Serum Separator Tubes (Red, Red-Tiger, Gold, Orange)
What Tube, Does Not Yield Serum after Centrifugation? Plasma Separator Tubes (Lt. Green, Dark Green, Green-Tiger)
What is the Correct Order of Draw? 1. Blood Cultures or Yellow SPS 2. (Light Blue)Citrate Tubes 3. SST {Gel Sep Tube} (Gold/Red-Tiger) 4. Serum Tube {Glass or Plastic} (Red) 5. RST {Rapid Serum Tube} (Orange) 6. PST {Gel Sep Tube w/Heparin} (Lt. Green/Green-Tiger) 7. Heparin Tube (Da
The Number One Way to stop the spread of infection is? Handwashing
The Three Major Veins that are best for venipuncture are located in the ? Antecubital Fossa
Out of the following needle gauges,...17..19...21...25..which has the Largest needle diameter? 17
What Causes Blood Flow into an Evacuated Tube? The Tube's Vacuum
How long, At Most, should a tourniquet be left on a patient's arm? 2 Minutes
The Most Common antiseptic used for routine blood collection is? 70% Isopropyl Alcohol
In regards to assessing a vein's characteristics, Define Turgor? The Bounce or Resilience of a Vein
To "Palpate" means to? Examine by Touch, or Feel
On most Patients, A Phlebotomist's First choice is which vein? The Median Cubital Vein
On most Patients, A Phlebotomist's Second choice is which vein? The Cephalic Vein
On most Patients, A Phlebotomist's Third choice is which vein? The Basilic Vein
The Most Commonly used needle gauges for standard collection are what size? 21 & 22 Gauge
The basilica vein is Close To which structure? The Median Cutaneous Nerve
When Cleaning A Site for venipuncture, the Phlebotomist should? Clean in an Outward Spiral Pattern
What are the proper sequential steps to take when Ending a Draw? 1. Remove Tourniquet 2. Remove Last Tube 3. Remove Needle Apparatus From Arm 4. Engage The Safety and Dispose of the Needle, While Applying Pressure to Site 5. Invert and Label Specimen Tubes 6. Bandage Draw Site
Which veins Are Suitable for venipuncture? Heavy Arms Deep Veins Muscular Arms
What is Always True about PPE? *Gloves Should Always Be Worn, When Coming In Contact With A Patient, or Specimen of Any Type *Dispose of Gloves in Same Room as Used
Which Is True Regarding tube labeling? *Label Tube, As Soon As You Finish the Draw *Include: Patient Name, D.O.B., Date and Time of Draw, and Your Initials *Never Pre-Label *Always Label in front of Patient Before Leaving *Ask Patient to Verify Information
What Should ALWAYS be disposed of in a sharp's container? Needles Syringes Evacuated Tubes Microscope Slides Lancets Capillary Tubes Biohazardous Waste
What Does Not Belong in the sharps container? Used Gloves Minimally Dirtied Gauze Bandages Plastic Caps Tourniquets
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