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Assyrians -Ruled by oligarchy -winged bulls -Tiglath Palisar founder of empire -laws were repressive against women -use of Calvary, armor, battering rams
Nebuchadnezzar rebuilds Babylon
Code of Hammurabi -282 laws -written in stone -innocent until proven guilty -punishment based on class -rights for slaves and women
Babylonia -took Sumerian culture and built civilization off of it -code of law -predicted eclipses -lever and pulley -circumference of a circle -sundial -concept of diagnosis
Hittites -From Anatolia -First peace treaty-Battle of Kadesh -Use of horse and chariot -constitutional monarchy -use of restitution -Old, Middle, and New kingdom -Took over Babylonians
Chaldeans -Nabapollasar fought against Assyrians -attacked Nineveh -held Hebrew captive -calculated length of a year -extended to Palestine, Syria, Judah and Phoenicia -astronomy -created 1 of the 7 wonders of the world
Sumerians -first writing system cuneiform -wheel -60 seconds -irrigation -calendar -plow -cylinder
Persian Empire -moved across middle east to take over Greece -Darius the Great was defeated at Marathon -largest empire of ancient world -Xerxes continues attempt to take over Greece(Battle of Thermopylae) -allowed Israelites to return home -first postal service
Alexander The Great Extended empire to India, he conquered Egypt, Persian empire and Mesopatamia
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