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Key Content/Core Terms

artifacts an item left by an earlier culture
Jenne-Jeno an ancient West African city built along the Niger River
Niger River the longest river in West Africa, and a kind of trading highway in early times
Nok a people living in West Africa in the 500s B.C.E. who mastered iron working; present day Nigeria
Sahara a large, hot desert in North Africa that covers about 3.5 million square miles
Sahel a zone of semi desert, south of the Sahara, where short grasses, small bushes, and a few trees grow; know as "the shore of the desert
savanna a vegetation zone of tall grasses and scattered trees, with a long rainy season
smelting the process of melting ore to produce iron or other metals from it
tribute payment made by one ruler or country to another for protection or as a sign of submission; a kind of tax paid in goods or services
Created by: Franceschini