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Reformation (1)

(Mooresville) Protestant Reformation (Part I)

Certificates being sold by the Catholic Church, claiming that they reduced the punishment Indulgence
Christian who prepared the way for the Protestant Reformation. He said the Church should focus on telling people how to live good lives rather than scare them in to following a "checklist" so they'll get into heaven Erasmus
Complaints written by Martin Luther about the Catholic Church Ninety-five Theses
Declared Martin Luther to be an outlaw and commanded that all of his writings be burned. Edict of Worms
What was the first Protestant faith? Lutheranism
This declaration recognized Protestantism as a legal faith, but said that the ruler could determine whether the citizens could be Catholic or Protestant Edict of Nantes
This German monk started the Protestant Reformation when he nailed complaints about the Catholic Church to a door in Wittenberg on October 31, 1517. Martin Luther
Leader of the Holy Roman Empire during the Protestant Reformation...did not like the ideas of Martin Luther Charles V
Prince in the Holy Roman Empire that saved Martin Luther by keeping him in hiding although he had been declared an outlaw. Frederick of Saxony
Pope during the Protestant Reformation...called Luther a "drunk Monk" then later threatened him with excommunication. Leo X
Word that means acceptance into heaven Salvation
Associated with hell, this place is where a sinner serves punishment for their sins, according to the Catholic Church Purgatory
Catholic friar famous for the sale of indulgences Tetzel
Martin Luther translated the Bible into this language German
Martin Luther's teaching that a person does not have to do good actions to get to heaven they only need faith Justification by faith
A person who led a holy life, has died or was martyred, and now has special access to God. Praying in the name of this person could get your prayers answered according to the Catholic Church Saint
Bone, hair, or other object from a holy person or event that is said to have miraculous powers, according to the Catholic Church. Used to draw one closer to God. Relic
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