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Comparative Religion

Name the 4 gospels mark, matthew, luke, and john
What does the Catholic Bible consist of? (and note what they share in common with Judaism-we call it the TaNaCH, they call it the Old Testament) The old testament and the new testament (and the secret book)
Name 3 miracles associated with Jesus. Healing the sick, bringing back the dead, and making a small portion into abundance
What are the circumstances of Jesus’ birth and how does this compare to the story of Moses? Jesus was born in Bethlehem in a barn. Mary and Joseph were on the run from the king who is taking a census of all the new baby boys, who in prophecy, one of them would conquer him. This relates to Moses's story because Pharaoh was killing the baby boys.
Name 4 similarities between Jesus life according to the Gospels and that of Moses and King David? King David and Jesus were born in Bethlehem, all 3 of them were leaders, they respond to weakness,David lead 12 tribes and Jesus lead 12 apostles
What is a sacrament? A rite of the church
Identify: Dogma and three dogmas:Original Sin, Virgin Birth, Immaculate Conception The original sin is when eve ate the apple, the Virgin birth is when Mary got pregnant without sexual relations, and Immaculate conception is the idea that Mary was born pure
What does Christmas celebrate in the life of a Catholic? Easter? Christmas: His birth Easter: His resurrection
How do Catholics connect the symbol of Jesus sacrifice to that of the Passover story? During Passover, people put lamb blood on their doorposts to protect them from sins and Jesus shed blood, like the lamb, to protect people from their sins.
List the Ecclesiastical Hierarchy of the Catholic Church. Pope, Cardinal, Patriarch, bishop, and Priest
Give 5 similarities between Judaism and Catholicism. Judiasm and Catholicism believes in the Messiah, both have someone they look to (Rabbi and Priest) both have a place of worship (temple&church), both follow the Tanach but christianity calls it the Old Testament, and they both have rituals with newborn
Give 5 differences between Judaism and Catholicism. Catholics believe the Messiah is jesus jews think the messiah hasn't come yet, they can't perform religious things without a priest, they believe babies are born with original sin we believe babies are pure, you cant get divorced, and they believe in hell
EXTRA CREDIT: only if you wish to/ Identify: a.Transubstantiation b. Advent c. Ash Wednesday d. Lent Transubstantiation: you eat the wafer, it is goes from the wafer to Jesus, ash Wed. is the first day of lent, lent is 40 days before Easter and they give something up for 40 days
EXTRA CREDIT: only if you wish to/ What is Advent ADVENT: 4 weeks before Christmas—you light candles because a “light” (Jesus) is coming into the world
What is a Baptism? When a Christian child is born, the priest pours holy water on the child to remove their original sin, and bring them into Christianity.
What is a Eucharist? when the priest blesses the wafer, it becomes the body of Christ, and you eat it. ITS CALLED TRANSSUBSTANTIATION (IT TRANSFORMS INTO JESUS) the celebration of the Eucharist is the most important in a church service
What is confirmation? when a catholic child (around bar or bat mitzvah time confirms that they are Christian and believe in Christ
What are the Holy Orders? Name two vows that priests must do. CHASTITY-not having sexual relations, OBEDIENCE-you must obey the laws of the catholic church
What is Holy Matrimony? Can a Christian couple get divorced? wedding (if you get married in the catholic church, then you may not get divorced)
What is Penance? you go to confess your sins (this is what you have to do to be forgiven the priest will tell you what to do) CONFESSION
What is extreme unction anointing the sick, typically used when someone is dying, you put a cross on them, and finish off with oil, if they say that they are sorry for their sins, then they can go to heaven. ONLY THE PRIEST CAN DO THIS ACT
Created by: lilly gaven
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