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Ch. 6 Test

Industrialization, Imperialism, Russia

Business owned by investors Corporation
A machine that generates electricity Dynamo
Shares in a company Stock
An elected national assembly Duma
Method of production workers add parts to products Assembly-Line
Violent mob attacks on Jews Pogrom
Association that fixes and sets prices Cartel
Freeing of the surfs Emancipation
Domination of one country by another Imperialism
Area where an outside power claims exclusive investment or trading privileges Sphere of influence
Imperial rule were local rulers are left in place but are expected to fallow European advisors Protectorate
The first European country outside of Britain to industrialize was Belgium
Henry Bessemer's contribution to industrialization was to Patent a new steelmaking process
Two types or transportation developed around 1900 were Automobiles and airplanes
The main purpose for selling stock was to allow companies to raise Production
John D. Rockefeller was associated with The petroleum industry
The three social classes in Western Europe by the late 1800's were The upper class, the middle class, and the workers and peasants
What popular concept idealized women and the home? Cult of domesticity
What did some critics of women's suffrage claim? Women were too emotional to vote responsibly
To explain the long, slow process of evolution Charles Darwin proposed the theory of Natural selection
How did the industrial revolution contribute to imperialism? Industrialized countries sought new markets
Many leaders felt they needed colonies and a global empire to Strengthen national security
Most Westerners felt that their cultures were Better than non-westerners cultures
In the 1800's, empires in the Middle East, India, Africa, and China had Grown weak and disorganized
Western critics of imperialism complained that Colonialism was inmoral
The method used by France to rule colonies was Designed to impose French culture on the colonies
The British governed their colonies by Using local rulers
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