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Oak Crest

OC China Review

What is the name of the time of disorder after the fall of the Han Dynasty? Period of Disunion
What Dynasty brought an end to the period of Disunion? Sui Dynasty
What canal links Northern and Southern China? The Grand Canal
What Chinese dynasty came after the Sui and is view by historians as a golden age of culture? Tang Dynasty
What is the name of China'a only female Empress who was said to be both intelligent and ruthless? Empress Wu
After the Tang dynasty fell,China experienced 53 years of chaos until this dynasty rose? Song Dynasty
This religion taught that people can escape from their suffering and achieve peace. Buddhism
In what country did Buddhism originate? India
Which two Chinese dynasties were periods of great economic, cultural and technological achievements. Tang and Song
Irrigation techniques like the dragon's backbone pump helped increase China's... Farmlands
Chinese Farms became more productive with the discovery of a new type of fast growing... Rice
The Grand Canal allowed the Chinese to move goods and crops from farmlands to... Cities
China exported and traded many luxury items but the two most important were... Silk and Porcelain
What is the form of printing in which an entire page is carved into a block of wood? Woodblock Printing
This Chinese invention was originally used to make fireworks. Gunpowder
This instrument uses the Earth's magnetic field to show direction. Magnetic compass
Lighter and easier to handle than coins, this helped the Chinese manage their wealth Paper Money
These officials ran China's government during the Song Dynasty. Scholar-officials
Confucius teachings focused on ethics or proper behavior for individuals and... government
What is a body of unelected government officials called? bureaucracy
To become this job a person had to pass a difficult series of written examinations. civil servant
This Mongol leader brought all of northern China under his control. Genghis Khan
This Mongol leader completed the conquest of China and declared himself emperor of the Yuan Dynasty. Kublai Khan
This Italian merchant served in the court of Kublai Khan. Marco Polo
Who was the famous Chinese sailor who led seven voyages of exploration on very large ships? Zheng He
What is the name of the famous palace complex that was built for an emperors of the Ming dynasty. The Forbidden City
This dynasty worked to eliminate all foreign influence from Chinese society. Ming
This is a policy of avoiding contact with other countries. Isolationism
Created by: Oak Crest