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individuals training for health fitness purposes would be expected to allow how long between each set? 2-3 Minutes
The AHA limites trans fat intake to how many grams in a 1000 calorie diet? 1 gram
A rating of 0 as a life event on the Stress event scale means what? the event is either or both positive and negative
what type of test in the hand grip test? strength test
when are strength gains seen? after 8 consecutive weeks
the ability to exert maximum force against resistances is known as what? muscular strength
what happens to muscles during eccentric muscle contraction? lengthens
most known diseases in the us are what? CVD CHD
What is essential Hypertension? Hypertension that has no known cause
what is hypertension? High blood pressure 140/90
diets that contain high glycemic foods increase the risk for what? heart disease
why is autogenic training so hard? you have to feel warmth and weight
jane was able to hold a chin up for 5 minutes what does this show? Muscle endurance
the focus for breathing exercise is to ? relax
the 4th leading cause of death in the us is what? stroke
test that determines how good glucose is? ALctest
the purpose of meditation is what? to relax
to enhance the quality of sleep you should? exercise
what exercise requires no movement? isometric
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