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Carnegie Chem- Lipid

Chemistry review for Quiz on lipids MA Fall 2014

What are fats called when they are combined with proteins? lipoproteins
What are functions of cholesterol? precursor of steroid hormojnes, precursor of Vitamin D, structural unit of the membrane
What kind of food is high in cholesterol? animal fat!
What should be done to reduce a high serum cholesterol level? decrease pre-formed cholesterol; decrease total calorie intake; increase exercise
What does VLDL stand for? very low density lipoprotein
What does LDL stand for? low density lipoprotein
What does HDL stand for? high density lipoprotein
What role does VLDL play? transports lipids to tissues
What role does LDL play? Pieces become stuck artery clogging
what role does HDL play? Returns stock pieces to liver heart helping the good stuff
what kind of cholesterol is desirable to have? HDL
how does the body rid itself of cholesterol? Through bile
what does the precipitation of cholesterol in the gallbladder cause? It gives it causes gallstones 60 to 80 percent cholesterol by weight
which diagnoses are made from cholesterol, triglycerides, and LP E results? familial hyperlipoproteinemia types 1 through 4
what causes atherosclerosis? Lipid deposits in artery walls leads to see ad, coronary artery disease
what is coronary artery disease associated with? Increased LDL and decreased HDL
what is the meaning of a cholesterol value below 200 milligrams per deciliter? Desirable
what is the meaning of the cholesterol value 202 239 milligrams per deciliter borderline
what is the meaning of the cholesterol value 240 milligrams per deciliter and above? Statistical correlation to coronary artery disease
when testing cholesterol with HDL LDL and triglycerides how long is it necessary to fast? 9 to 12 hours
1what do your triglycerides respect? Reflect? Your metabolic state, how much fat in your diet and exercise
what ratio is used to predict the risk of a person getting clogged arteries? Total cholesterol divided by HDL should be less than or equal to 4.5
Created by: ma2b