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Chapter 11

Mecca it is the place that the people in religion called Islam that is the place were they face to pray everyday.
Kaaba Is a Muslim house of worship.
Khadija she was Muhammad's First wife.
Quran it is the book that Muhammad's prophesy's were written down in.
People of the book the Christians,Jews and Muslims were to be seen as superior to polytheistic idol worshipers.
Sharia it is a Islamic system of law.
Oasis a fertile area in a desert ,watered by a natural well or spring.
Hijra the journey that the Muslims took when they left Mecca.
Monotheistic it is the belief in one God.
Mosque it is the gathering in a house of worship called Masjids or Mosque.
Hajj the pilgrimage of Mecca.
Jihad effort in God's service,as another duty.
Abu Bakr he was one of the early converts to Islam.
Battle of tours it is the battle wear they go and raid the people that are one they way to sale their goods.
Fatima and Ali they were Muhammad's Daughter and son-in-law.
Sufi they helped spread Islam through missionary work.
Umayyads they defeated Ali and killed his son dishonoring the prophet's family.
Abbassids it is the Dynasty that lasted tell 1258.
Harun al-rashid he was very generous to get in good with people that are higher up.
Seljurks it means sultan or authority that rules.
Tamerlane he was a Mongol leader that led his armies into the middle east.
Capliph of a successor to Muhammad.
minaret slender towers of mosques.
Muzzin a official that climbed to the top of the mosque to tell the people that it was time to pray.
Sultan ruler,or authority, controlled by baghdad.
Omar Khayyám he was a writer.
Averroes he was a Spanish Muslim that tried to reconcile the teaching of Arostile with Islam.
Muhammad Al-Razi he was the head doctor at Baghdad Hospital.
Avicenna he helped come up with so medical teachings that would last for over 500 years.
Social mobility it is the ability to move up in the classes.
Arabesque it is an intricate design composed of curved lines that suggest floral shapes,appeared in rugs,textiles,and glassware.
Calligraphy the art of Beautiful handwriting.
Sikhism it is the combined religion's of Islam and Hinduism.
Babur he defeated the Sultan of Delhi and he set up the Mughal Dynasty that lasted from 1526 to 1857.
Mughal it was the Dynasty that was set up by Babur.
Nur Jahan
Taj Mahal it is a tomb built for his favorite wife that died at the age of 39.
Sultanate land ruled by a Sultan.
Caste the Hindu social system or social groups from which they could not change.
Rajah they were local rulers that the Sultan left to look after the Kingdom.
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