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Section E

Key Concepts

Celebration a religious ceremony performed in public for a community of faith
Communal Prayer praying to God with others as a community
Contemplation a form of deep silent prayer that does not use words or thoughts
Icon a sacred image used as an aid to prayer mainly in the Orthodox Churches
Meditation a form of silent prayer based on the use of an icon, a repeated word or a passage from scripture
Participation being actively involved in an act of worship
Penitence prayer admitting to wrongdoing and asking God for forgiveness
Personal Prayer praying to God by oneself
Petition prayer asking God for help with one's own needs or the needs of others
Praise and thanksgiving prayer to praise and thank God for blessings already recieved
Reflection thinking deeply about certain aspects of life
Ritual an occasion when people use symbolic objects, words and actions to express what is deeply important to them
Sacrament a sacred ritual that is a visible sign of God's presence with people at key moments in their lives
Sacredness a thing or place that is holy and set apart from ordinary life
Sign something that communicates a brief message or a piece of information
Symbol something visible i.e. an object or action, representing something invisible that is difficult to put into words
Times of Significance times of the year that has a special meaning for people
Wonder a feeling inspired by some mysterious aspect of life
Worship the way people of faith praise and honor God in prayer and at religious services
Created by: MsMcCann
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