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Section D

Key Concepts

Agnosticism the view that people cannot know for certain whether or not God exists
Atheism a view that denies the existence of God
Awe and Wonder feelings inspired by the mysterious aspects of life
Childhood Faith a simple trust in God and an acceptance of one's parents' faith
Creation a view on the origin of the world and life on Earth
Experiencing God being aware of God's mysterious presence
Faith a strong inner belief and trust in God
Fundamentalism the view that a sacred text is a factual account to be taken literally
Humanism a belief system that rejects religion and makes sense of life through human reason alone
Materialism the view that only material things are real
Mature Faith a close relationship with God and an active commitment to one's faith
Meaning to find or to have a sense of purpose in life
Meaninglessness failing to find meaning or purpose in life
Monotheism the belief in one God
Personal Faith a person's own religious beliefs and response to God
Prayer the way people of faith communicate with God
Polytheism the belief in many gods
Question the act of asking questions e.g. about the meaning of life
Questioner the person who asks questions and seeks the truth
Reflection thinking deeply about certain aspects of life
Religious Belief a set of ideas about God, or gods, that people accept as true
Religious Practice the things people do to express their religious belief
Search the deep human need to find meaning in life
Secularism the view that organised religion should have no direct influence an society
Stages of Faith the development of a person's relationship with God from childhood faith to mature faith
Trust being able to rely on a person with complete confidence
World View a set of idea's about what the world is like
Worship the way people of faith praise and honor God in prayer and at religious services
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