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MedTerms prefix/suff

Med terms prefix and suffix

A-, An- without, absence of
Ab- away from
Abdomin(o) of or relating to the abdomen
ad- increase, adherence, motion toward, very
Aden(o), aden(i) of or relating to the gland
adip(o) of or relating to the fat or fatty tissue
adren(o) of or relating to the adrenal glands
-emia blood condition
-al pertaining to
alb- white or pale color
alge(si) pain
-algia pain
allo- something as different, or as an addition
ambi- describing both of two
an(o) anus
andr/o pertaining to a man
angi/o blood vessel
ankyl(o) denoting something as crooked or bent
ante- before, in front of
anti- describing something as against or opposed to another
apo- separated from, derived from
arteri(o)- of or pertaining to an artery
arthr(o)- of or pertaining to the joints, limbs
articul(o)- joint
-ase enzyme
-asthenia weakness
aut(o)- self, same
axill- of or pertaining to the armpit
bacteri(o)- bacteria
bi- twice, double
bio- life
blast(o)- germ or bud
blephar(o)- of or pertaining to the eyelid
brachi(o)- of or relating to the arm
brady- slow
bronch(i)- bronchus
bucc(o)- cheek
carcin(o)- cancer
cardi(o)- heart
carp(o)- wrist
cata- down
-centesis surgical puncture for aspiration
cephal(o)- head
cerebell(o)- cerebellum
cerebr(o)- brain
cervic- pertaining to the neck or cervix
chem(o)- chemistry, drug
chlor(o)- denoting a green color
chol(e)- bile
cholecyst(o)- gallbladder
chondr(i)o- cartilage
chrom(ato)- color
-cidal, -cide kiling, destroying
cili- cilia, the eyelashes, eyelids
circum- around
clast break
co- together, in association
col-, colo-, colono- colon
contra- against
cor- with, together
cardi- heart
cost(o)- ribs
crani(o)- cranium
-crine secrete
cry(o)- cold
cutane- skin
cyan(o)- blue
cyph(o)- bent
cyst(o)-, cyst(i) urinary bladder
cyto- cell
-cyte cell
dactyl(o)- finger, toe
de- away from, cessation
dent- teeth
dermat-,derm- skin
dextro- on the right side
di- separation, two
dif- separation
dis- separation, taking apart
dors(o)-, dors(i)- back
duodeno- upper part of the intestines, connects to the stomach
-dynia pain
dys- bad, difficult
ec- out from, away
ect(o)- outer, outside
-ectasis, -ectasia expansion, dilation
-ectomy removal of a body part
-emesis vomiting condition
-emia blood condition
encephal(o)- brain
endo- within
enter(o)- intestine
epi- before, upon, on, outside of
erythr(o)- red
esthesio- sensation
eu- good, well
ex- out of, away from
exo- outside
extra- outside
faci(o)- face
fibr(o)- fiber
front- forehead
galact(o)- milk
gastr(o)- stomach
-genic formation
gingiv- gums
glauc(o)- grey, bluish-grey color
gloss(o)-, glott(o)- tongue
glyc(o)- sugar
-gram record or picture
-graph record or picture
-graphy process of recording
gyn(o)-, gynae(co)-, gyne(co)- woman
halluc- to wander in mind
hemat-, hem- blood
hema-, hemo- blood
hemi- half
hepat-, hepatic- liver
hetero- different
hist(o)-, histio- tissue
homo- alike, the same
hydro- water
hyper- extreme, beyond normal
hyp(o)- below normal
hyster(o)- uterus, womb
-ia(sis) condition
iatr(o)- pertaining to medicine or a physician
-iatry denotes a field in medicine
-ic pertaining to
-icle small
idio- self, one's own
infra- below
inter- among, between
intra- within
-ism condition, disease
iso- equal
-ist one who specializes in
-itis inflammation
kerat(o)- cornea (eye or skin)
kyph(o)- humped
labi(o)- lip
lacrim(o)- tear
lact(i)-, lact(o)- milk
lapar(o)- abdomen wall, flank
laryng(o)- larynx
latero- lateral
-lepsis, -lepsy attack, seizure
leuc-, leuk(o)- white
lingu(a)-, lingu(o)- tongue
lip(o)- fat
lith(o)- stone
-logist someone who studies a certain field
-logy denotes the academic study or practice of a certain field
lymph(o)- lymph
lysis- destruction
macr(o)- large, long
mal- bad
-malacia softening
mammo(o)- breast
mast(o)- breast
meg(a)-, megal(o)-, -megaly enlargement
melan(o)- black color
mening(o)- meninges
mes(o)- middle
meta- after, behind
-meter measurement
-metry the process of measuring
micro- small
mon(o)- single
muscul(o)- muscle
my(o)- muscle
myc(o)- fungus
myel(o)- bone marrow
myx(o)- mucus
nas(o)- nose
necr(o)- death
neo- new
nephr(o)- kidney
nerv- nerves, nervous system
neur(i)-, neur(o)- nerves, nervous system
normo- normal
ocul(o)- eye
odont(o)- teeth
odyn(o)- pain
-oid resemblance to
olig(o)- having few, having little
-oma, -omata tumor
onco- tumor, bulk, volume
onych(o)- nail (of a finger or toe)
oo- egg
oophor(o)- ovary
ophthalm(o)- eye
optic(o)- chemical properties of the eye
or(o)- mouth
orchi(o)-, orchido- testis
orth(o)- straight or correct
-osis a conditon or disease
osseo- bone
ost(e)-, oste(o)- bone
ot(o)- ear
-ous pertaining to
ovari(o)- ovaries
ovo-, ovi-, ov- ovum
oxy- oxygen, sharp, acid, acute
pachy- thick
palpebr- eyelid
papill- nipple
papul(o)- a small elevation or swelling in the skin
-paresis slight paralysis
path(o)- disease
-pathy disorder
ped-, -ped, -pes foot
-penia deficiency
-pepsia digestive tract
per- through
peri- surrounding
-phage, -phagia conditions related to eating or ingestion
phago- eating
pharmaco- drug, medication
pharyng(o)- pharynx, upper throat cavity
-phil(ia) attraction for
phleb(o)- blood, vein
phob(o)- exaggerated fear
phot(o)- light
phren(i)-, phren(o)-, phrenico diaphragm
-plasty surgical repair
para- adjacent to
pluri- several
zym(o)- fermentation, enzyme
-y condition or process of
xanth(o)- yellow color
viscer(o)- internal organs, the viscera
ventr(o)- the stomach cavity
ven- veins
vascul(o)- blood vessels
vas(o)- blood vessel
varic(o)- swollen or twisted vein
vagin- vagina
uter(o)- uterus
urin- urine, the urinary system
uri(c)-, urico- uric acid
ur(o)- urinary system
uni- one
umbilic- navel, umbilicus
ultra- beyond, excessive
-ula, -ule small
pleur(o)-, pleur(a)- ribs
pneum(o)- lungs
pod-, -pod, -pus foot
-poiesis production
polio- grey color
poly- denotes plurality of something
porphyr(o)- purple color
post- after or behind
pre- before
presby(o)- old age
prim- first, most important
pro- before
proct(o)- anus, rectum
prot(o)- first or most important
psych(e)-, psych(o)- mind
-ptysis spitting
pulmon-, pulmo- lungs
pyel(o)- pelvis
pyro- fever
quadr(i)- four
radio- radiation
rect(o)- rectum
ren(o)- kidney
retro- backward, behind
rhin(o)- nose
-rrhage burst forth
-rrhea flowing, discharge
salping(o)- fallopian tubes
schiz(o)- split or double sided
scler(o)- hardness
scoli(o)- twisted
-scope instrument for viewing
-scopy use of instument for viewing
semi- one-half, partly
sinistr(o)- left, left side
sinus- of or pertaining to the sinus
-sis condition of
splen(o)- spleen
spondyl(o)- spine, vertebra
-stasis stop, stand
-stat an agent to prevent changing or motion
-staxis dripping, trickling
steth(o)- upper chest
stomat(o)- mouth
-stomy creation of an opening
sub- beneath
supra- above, excessive
tachy- fast
-tension, -tensive blood pressure
thorac(i)-, thorac(o)-, thoracico- upper chest
thromb(o)- blood clot
thyr(o)- thyroid
-tic pertaining to
toco- childbirth
-tome cutting instument
-tony tension
-tomy cutting operation
top(o)- place, topical
tox(i)-, tox(o)-, toxico- poison
trache(o)- trachea
trans- moving across or through
-trophy nourishment, development, tissue
tympan(o)- eardrum
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