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White Module

Terminology Exam Review

albumin/o albumin
amni/o amnion, amniotic sac
balan/o glans penis
cervic/o cervix uteri, neck
colp/o vagina
corp/o body
corpor/o body
crypt/o hidden
cyst/o bladder
epididym/o epididymis
episi/o vulva
galact/o milk
glomerul/o glomerulus
gyn/o female, woman
gynec/o female. woman
hyster/o uterus, womb
kal/i potassium
kern/o kernel (nucleus)
ket/o ketone bodies
keton/o ketone bodies
lact/o milk
lapar/o abdomen
lith/o stone/calculus
mamm/o breast
mast/o breast
meat/o meatus, opening
men/o menstruation
metr/o uterus, measure
metri/o uterus, womb
nephr/o kidney
noct/o night
obstetr/o mid wife
olig/o scanty
oophor/o ovary
orch/o testes, testis
orchi/o testes, testis
orchid/o testes, testis
ovari/o ovary
perine/o perineum
phim/o muzzle
prostat/o prostate gland
py/o pus
pyel/o renal pelvis
ren/o renal
salping/o tube
schiz/o splitting
sperm/i spermatozoa, sperm
sperm/o spermatozoa,sperm
spermat/o spermatozoa, sperm
test/o testis
ur/o urine, urinary tract
urethr/o urethra
uter/o uterus
vagin/o vagina
vas/o vessels
vesic/o bladder
vesicul/o seminal vesicle
-al, -ary, -ic pertaining to
-algia pain
-arche begining
-cele hernia, swelling
-centesis surgical puncture
-cyesis pregnancy
-ectomy excision
-gen, -genesis origin, producing, forming
-gram recording, writing
-gravida pregnant woman
-iasis abnormal condition
-ism condition
-itis inflammation
-logist specialist in the study of
-megaly enlargement
-osis abnormal condition of
-para to bear off spring
-pathy disease
-plasty surgical repair
-poiesis formation, production
-rraphy suture
-rrhea discharge, flow
-salpinx tube
-scopy visual examination
-therapy treatment
-tocia child birth, labour
-tomy incision
-tripsy crushing
-uria urine
-version turning
a-, an without
ante- before, infront
contra- against, opposite
dys- difficult, bad, painful
endo- in, within
hypo- below, under
multi- many, much
prmi- first
pseudo- false
retro- backward, behind
Created by: amatt