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chapter 36 study guide

why was the there unrest in Judea after it came under Roman rule? The Jews were a fierely proud and independent people, and they rebelled against Roman control.
How did the Roman prefect the rule of Judea? The prefect kept order and made sure Judea paid tribute(money) to rome, but usually left local affairs to the Jews.
What are the gospels? the word that Jesus said
Who wrote the gospels, and when did they write them? -Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. -30-70 years after Jesus died
According to the gospels, where was Jesus born? Bethlehem. (a star mark located in a cave underneath the church of the Nativity)
What did Jesus study and learn about as a child? -Jewish law -religious writings -capertry
Why was Jesus baptism a turning point in his life? BLC John identified him as the savior the Jews had been waiting for.
What did jesus say were the most important things? -"you shall love your god with all your heart and all your soul" -"you shall love your neighbor as yourself"
Why did Jesus' teachings upset some people? 1. BLC Jesus seemed to care more about what was in people's hearts than about people's obedience to jewish law. 2. some feared that his followers would stir up trouble with the Romans. 3. he didn't accept Roman gods.
Why was Jesus condemned to die on a cross? BLC King was feared he might lead a revolt against Rome. (Jesus have to many followers)
Why is his resurrection so important? BLC it convinced them that he was the son of the god.
What caused Saul to stop persecuting Christians and become a missionary? BLC he believed he had heard the voice of the risen Jesus:"saul, saul, why do you persecute me?
how did Paul's work help spread Christianity? -traveling through the empire preaching. -in jail, he wrote letters to other Christians.
why were Christians considered a threat to Rome? BLC they refused to worship god/king; preferred a life of simplicity and refused to serve in the army, and tooooooooo many of them.
How does persecution help Christianity spread? BLC people admire them facing death bravely. and allowed poors
Created by: qyang