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Chapter 36- Study

6th Grade History Alive! Chapter 36 Study Guide

Study QuestionAnswer
36.2 Why was there unrest in Judea after it came under Roman rule? The Jews were fiercely proud and independent people, and they rebelled against Roman control.
36.2 How did the Romans perfect rule Judea? They sent a military governor to keep them under control, and make them pay taxes. Usually they left local affairs to the Jews.
36.3 What are the gospels? They are an account of the life and teachings of Christ.
36.3 Who wrote the gospels? Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John wrote the gospels.
36.3 When were the gospels written? They were written roughly 30 to 70 years after Jesus assented into heaven.
36.4 According to the gospels where was Jesus born? According to the gospels Jesus was born in a stable, because there was no room in the inn.
36.4 What did Jesus study and learn about as a child? Jesus studied Jewish law, writing, and carpentry.
Why was Jesus' baptism a turning point in his life? That was when John announced that he was the son of god.
36.5 According to the gospels, what did Jesus say were the most important Jewish laws? (List 2) 1. You should love god with all your heart and all your soul. 2. You should love your neighbor as yourself.
36.5 Why did Jesus' teachings upset some people? Some people thought that his teachings were wrong and dangerous. Others thought that he would stir up trouble with the Romans. Jesus belived more about people's hearts than laws.
36.6 According to the gospels why was Jesus condemned to die an a cross? The Romans thought of Jesus and his followers as a threat to their religion.
36.6 Why was belief in Jesus' resurrection so important to his disciples and other followers? People who believed in the resurrection knew that he was the son of god.
36.7 What caused Saul to stop prosecuting Christians and become a missionary? Saul was cured from blindness by the one who sounded like the man who just rose from the dead (Jesus).
36.7 How did Paul's (Saul) work help spread Christianity? He spent 17 years spreading through the Greek cities building churches.
36.8 Why were Christians considered a threat to Rome? There were many who refused to worship roman gods. They believed that the empire wasn't a god. They didn't serve in the army.
How did Rome's persucian of Christians help Christianity spread? They gained more admirers when people learned that Christians faced death so bravely.
Created by: wshrout150