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U2L1 Social


What is Japan’s worldview of a society Japan viewed itself as the most important country in the world
What does the timeline show about recent eras in Japanese history It tells me that Japan is fairly stable in politically and developmentally, as it has only had 4 different eras since the 1500’s
What was happening in Europe during 1600 - 1900 In Europe, the renaissance started in the late 1300’s in Italy and spread to the rest of Europe by the late 1500’s
What does isolate mean? To seclude; to follow a policy having no relationships with other nations
What does adaptation mean? The changing of attitudes and behaviours to suit a new situation.
What does modernize mean? To adopt new ideas and technologies that are considered to be of the present time or times not long past
When was Japan’s Edo period? 1603-1868
Where is Japan located? Off the Eastern Pacific Coast of Asia
How many main islands make up Japan? 4 main islands: Honshu, Hokkaido, Shikoku, and Kyushu
What countries are closest to Japan? South Korea, China, and Russia
Why is farming in Japan only done in the valleys and along the coastlines? Because there are so many mountains in Japan
Who were the three shogun that were credited for unifying Japan in the late 1500's? Oda Nobunaga, Toyotomi Hideyoshi, and Tokugawa Ieyasu
What is a shogun? A leader of the military government.
What were Nobunaga Oda's major achievements? -Reduced the influence of Buddhist control over Japanese politics -Introduced new administrative practices to pave the way towards unifying Japan
What were Hideyoshi Toyotomi's major achievements? -Continued centralized government -Changed the tax on land from money to rice -Created a standing army
What were Ieyasu Tokugawa's major achievements? -Established his government base in Edo -Finalized the unification of Japan
What did Ieyasu Tokugawa do to protect Japan's safety and sovereignty? He decided to only allow foreign ships to land at one port: the island of Deshima in Nagasaki
How many Japanese people were converted to Christianity after Francis Xavier came to Japan? 150,000
Bakufu The centralized military government, headed by the shogun
Edict legal order, a command to the public by an authority
Why did Japan go into isolation? The Bakufu became concerned that Christians would follow their spiritual leaders rather than viewing the shogun as their ultimate authority.
The National Seclusion Policy A social and political policy that developed over 6 years from 1633 - 1639. It set out controls on the interaction between Japanese and foreigners.
Confucianism A system of beliefs that focused on morals, education, and a strict order in the government and society.
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