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Chapter 4 Early Greeks

Describe Greece's land mountainous land
Greeces is made up of peninsulas and islands
Greece is surrounded by water on how many sides 3 sides Aegean sea to east, mediterranean sea to south, ionian sea to the west
City states grew to be independent of one another because geography of Greece
The first civilization was on the island of Crete, what was it? Minoan civilization
The Minoan civilization was centered around a palace called Knossos
What happened to the Minoan civilization ? collapse about 1450 bc
Who invaded Greece about 1900 bc Mycenaens
Where were the Mycenaens from? Central Asia
The most powerful Mycenaen king was? Agamemnon
Why did the Mycenaen civilization collapse? wars and natural disasters
Greeks left the mainland for the islands in the Aegean sea
After the dark ages left, what developed city states developed and foreign trade increased
City states centered around hill top fortes known as Acropolises
Beneath the acropolises was an open market "store" called Agora
What rights did Greek citizens have? Owning land, holding offices, and served in military
Citizen soldiers were called hoplites
2 most powerful city states are Sparta and Athens
What type of government did Sparta have oligarchy
What type of government did Athens have democracy
Sparta was known for military tradition
Sparta's slaves were called Helots
Spartan soldiers were expected win or die
What is the saying Spartan women say to their husbands "Come back with your shield or on it"
Athens believed in learning and being well rounded
Athens boys went to school
Athens girls learned household skills
Athens used what kind of democracy direct democracy
US uses what kind of democracy representative democracy
Direct democracy means every citizen got a vote on everything
Spartan women trained in athletics
Spartan boys left family at 7 yrs and lived in barracks to age 30
Spartan boys served in military until age 60
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