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5.3 Central European

What is the Thirty Years War? A conflict over religion, territory, and for power among Europeans ruling families
Between what years did the Thirty Years War last? 1618-1648
What two phases is the Thirty Years War divided into? Hapsburg Triumphs and Hapsburg Defeats
What effects were left on Germany after the Thirty Years War leave on Germany? The population dropped 4 million, trade and agriculture were disrupted, and the economy was ruined.
What ended the Thirty Years War? Peace of Westphalia
What was the most important result from the Thirty Years War? The Peace of Westphalia abandoned the idea of a Catholic Empire.
What was Charles VI's oldest daughter that was a heir to Hapsburg named? Maria Theresa
What empire was weakened due to the Thirty Years War? Holy Roman Empire
Who had to go to his friend's beheading as a punishment? Frederick the Great/Frederick II
How did the Seven Years War start? Frederick attacked Saxony and other European power became involved.
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