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Unit 3b

Early Civilizations: China, West Africa

Mandate of Heaven Chinese belief that a ruler gets his power from God. (Can lose mandate of heaven if there is fighting, floods or famine)
Confucianism Chinese belief started by Confucious (written down in "The Analects") that maintains social order through the 5 relationships and filial piety
Daoism Belief in the balance between humans and nature
Legalism Belief that people need harsh punishments because they act of self-interest and are inherently bad
Terrace farming Cutting steps into mountains to increase the amount of farmable land
Filial Piety Respect for one's elders/parents/rulers
The Great Wall A wall put up by the Chinese to protect them from invaders
Civil Service Test A test on Chinese law, history and Confucianism to see who deserved (was educated enough) to be in the government
Chinese Achievements Silk, magnetic compass, wood block printing, moveable type, paper, gunpowder, porcelain
Tang and Song Dynasties Golden Ages of China in which there was peace, prosperity and many achievements
Silk Road A trade route from Asia to Europe in which many goods and ideas were exchanged.
Dynastic Cycle Rise and fall of Chinese dynasties based on the Mandate of Heaven
The Great Wall An enormous structure built to keep invaders out of China.
Silk Roads Trade routes between Europe and Asia in which goods and ideas were exchanged.
Ghana, Mali, Songhai West African kingdoms that traded gold and salt (especially at the trading city of Timbuktu
Trans-Sahran Travel across the Sahara Desert
Mansa Musa The King of Mali who traveled from Mali to Mecca because he was a Muslim. On his way, he passed out gold and spread the religion of Islam.
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