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Mongol Khanates

Golden Horde, Chagatai, and Ilkhanate

Golden Horde is also called the... Kipchak Khanate
What was the extent of the Golden Horde? Carpathian Mountains to Steppes of Siberia
Who expanded the Golden Horde the most? Bantu
Who was the Greatest Khan? Oz Beg
Who helped incorporate Islam and Turkish culture into the Golden Horde? Oz Beg
What trade did the Golden Horde conduct? Extensive trade in the Mediterranean
What three things led to the decline of the Golden Horde? Black Plague, Russian Invasions, and death of Oz Beg's successor
What is the extent of the Chagatai Khanate? Transoxania and the area around Kashgar
Where was the capital of the Chagatai Khanante? Almaliq
The western half of the Chagatai Khanate was dominated by what? Silk Route Cities
The eastern half of the Chagatai Khanate was dominated by who? Pagan Nomads
Which two Khanates did the Chagatai Khanate outlast even though it was weaker? Ilkhanate and Yuan
What eventually happened to the Chagatai Khanate? They split into two separate empires and fell to Tamerlane (and others)
Where was the Ilkhanate based? In Persia
Who was the Ilkhanate ruled by? The Mongol House of Hulagu
Who was Hulagu? The grandson of Genghis Khan
Why did the Franco-Mongol Alliance end? Ilkhanate became Muslim
When did the Ilkhanate's power begin to decline? After the death of Abu Sa'id in 1335
Who wrote the Ilkhanate's history? Rashid al-Din
Hulagu couldn't enter Egypt because he lost what battle? Battle of Ain Jalut
Created by: WHAP10