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DLS Rel Unit 5 Revie

DLS Religion Unit 5 Review

A ___ is a promise made to God to do something good that is not necessary for salvation. Call on God to bear witness to a lie is ______. The ______ Commandment calls us to show reverence for God’s name. Casual and inappropriate use of God’s name is ___. Oath, Perjury, third, Q
The ______ Commandment forbids the worship of false gods called _______. We give God the love and praise he deserves when we ________. A _________ is a violation of and irreverence toward a person, a place, or an object that is sacred. Second, Idols, Pray, Sacrilege
The highest form of worship we can offer God is the _________. When we participate in it on Sunday, we keep the _______ Commandment P, Forth,
The ______ has to do with seeking something beyond human nature from something superhuman that is not divine. An example is ______, which is worship of the devil. Occult, Satanism
The _______ is the seasons of the Church's worship that center around the life of Christ. The first season is _________, when we recall the anticipation of Christ's coming into the world and look forward to his second coming. L, Advent
Which Commandments: Michael's friends are going to the movies. They invite him to go along. He discovers that the show is rated NC17. 6
Which Commandments: Gina is failing history. The day before a major test, she notices that Ashley, the best student in the class, has left her notebook behind. 7
Which Commandments: Luis senses that two of his classmates might be smoking in the restroom during lunch hour. He is not sure whether to report them. 8
Which CoM: Isabel used to be Madison's friend, but suddenly she has joined a clique and has been avoiding Madison. Yesterday Madison was absent, and the teacher asks if someone would explain to Madison what she missed in English class. No one volunteers. 5
Which Commandments: Ethan makes Matthew angry during lunch. Matthew loses control and starts a fight.The two boys are kept after school. When Matthew comes home, his mother asks where he was. 5
Which Commandments: Abby is dying to know what her older sister is writing in her diary. One day Abby is the only one home. 5
Which Commandments: Drew's mother tells him to take good care of his sweater. Drew knows he looks good in the sweater, so he does not want to take it off for art class, even though the class will be painting. 4
Which Commandments: The father of the child whom Liz babysits is young and handsome. One night as he drives her home, she can tell his interest in her is more than it should be. 4, 6
Christ's new commandment is to participate in Mass on Sundays F
Living according to the law of God frees us T
The seven capital sins are the source of all sin. T
Sloth is another name for greed. F
Envious people are sometimes happy at another's failure or misfortune. T
Meekness is being cowardly. F
Temperance is the virtue of controlling our temper. F
The virtue of diligence enables us to be devoted to a task. T
The First Commandment tells us to put our trust in God, not in human beings or material things. T
It is OK to swear whenever we like F
Christians made the day of the Lord Sunday, the day of the Resurrection T
Sunday should be a day when we relax and rejoice. T
We obey God when we obey lawful authority. T
We are obliged not only to obey those with lawful authority, but to honor and respect them. T
We must obey those with lawful authority even if they command us to sin. F
The Fifth Commandment tells us to take care of the lives of others and not our own lives. F
We may take a person's life if he or she is suffering very much. F
God is against sex. F
Because sex outside of marriage diminishes real love and harms individuals, God forbids it. T
We should work to get as many possessions as we can for ourselves. F
To replace stolen goods or to pay for them is called restitution. T
Mental reservation is morally justified when the situation calls for it. T
Detraction is the sin of talking about the faults and sins of others. T
We are not bound to report any crime to authority. F
We should treat all people with justice and love. T
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