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DLS Rel Ch 25 Summar

DLS Religion Chapter 25 Summary

What’s the Seventh Commandment? You shall not steal. It calls us to respect others by looking at their possessions with gifts from God.
What’s the Eighth Commandment? You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor, meaning we should tell the truth.
What’s the Tenth Commandment? You shall not covet anything that belongs to your neighbor. It tells us not to desire what belongs to others and protects the ownership and use of private property.
Which commandments call for us to work towards justice? Seventh and Tenth
What do the Seventh and Tenth Commandments command us to do? They command us to respect others' rights by not taking or desiring what belongs to them.
What does the Eighth Commandment oblige us to do? It obliges us to be truthful in thought and action and to protect reputations.
What is integrity? righteousness which means "whole" (from Latin integer which in math is a whole number)
When people steal, they must restore their integrity by ____ making restitution
______ means to replace what was taken or to repair what was damaged restitution; is made it to victims or their heirs ( or give cash to worthy cause)
______ is a way of taking responsibility for what wrong (sin) we have done and establishing the balance/harmony broken by sin performing acts of penance
What should you do after you sin? confess to a priest in the Sacrament of Reconciliation, then are assigned packs of penance
What is word used to describe accusing a person of wrongdoing when you know he/she is innocent? Calumny (slander) which can ruin one’s reputation
____ is lying through actions hypocrisy
Talking about other peoples fault and misdeeds is called the sin of _____ detraction. Like calumny, it is evil because it ruins the another’s name.
_____ is using words that means something different in your mind from what they say. mental reservation. They are allowed when the listener can reasonably believe you are withholding the truth.
How do you reach heavenly treasure? generosity
Spreading lies about someone is _____ calumny
Making up for damaged or stolen property is _____ restitution
Another word for greed is ____ Avarice
Another word for righteousness is _____ integrity
Lying through your actions is _____ hypocrisy
T/F: Some lies do more harm than others. TRUE
T/F: It is all right to tell white lies. FALSE (it is wrong)
T/F: We are obliged to help those who are wealthy. FALSE; we are obliged to help the poor
T/F: It is acceptable sometimes to let crime go unpunished by not telling what we know. FALSE; it is always wrong
T/F: Detraction is making up for something that has been stolen. FALSE; correct answer is restitution
T/F: The Sixth Commandment obliges us to take care of our own property and the world in which we live. FALSE; it's the Seventh Commandment
T/F: The Seventh Commandment tells us we shall not bear false witness against your neighbor False; the Eighth Commandment obliges us to always tell the truth
T/F: The Eighth Commandment tells us not to desire what belongs to others and protects the ownership and use of private property. False; it’s the 10th commandment
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