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DLS Rel Ch 24 Summar

DLS Religion Chapter 24 Summary

What’s the Sixth Commandment? You shall not commit adultery. The 6th & 9th Commandments protect love and family life
What’s the Ninth Commandment? You shall not covet your neighbor's wife. The 6th & 9th Commandments protect love and family life
What is the Catholic church’s view of polygamy? Having more than one spouse is wrong.
T/F: Divorce and remarriage while one's lawful spouse is still living is permitted in the Catholic Church. FALSE; Catholics still belong Church, but cannot take Holy Communion unless they have annulment
What is a declaration that a marriage was not valid and sacramental in the first place because essential element for marriage was missing ? annulment
what is the virtue that controls our sexual desires by conforming them to right reason and Christian faith? chastity
T/F: Sexual love is beautiful and good, but it belongs only to those who are married. TRUE
Marriage is a vocation that comes from_____, who calls the couple together. the Holy Spirit
What is a Sacrament at the Service of Communion. Sacrament of Matrimony. The husband and wife are the ministers of this sacrament to each other
The Sacrament of Matrimony is defined by? A man and woman must both want to marry, must both promise to remain faithful to each other for life, and must both be open to having children.
Whis saint is girl who forgave her murderer and fought for her chastity and resisted sexual advances Saint Maria Goretti
What is the sin of fornication? engaging in the sexual act before marriage and is considered seriously wrong by the Catholic Church.
What is the sin of Masturbation using self stimulation to arouse sexual pleasure.
What is the sin of homosexual activity sexual activity with someone of the same sex is not permitted by the Church.
T/F: God supports the use of sex as entertainment. FALSE As long as sex is seen as entertainment, serious evils such as pornography and prostitution will continue in our society.
Two attitudes toward sex are particularly dangerous. What are they? using sex selfishly and considering sex as entertainment.
How do the Sixth and Ninth Commandments direct us to treat ourselves and others? They direct us to treat ourselves and others with respect in our thoughts, words, desires, and actions.
In order to develop a relationship with Christ, we must ___ pray
A Christian dresses and acts with modesty
The virtue a person practices who uses his or her sexual powers according to God's plan Chastity
The power to express love and create new life is ____ sex
An agreement to love with total, permanent, and self giving commitment is ____
Christians follow the principle: Act like ____ Christ
The saint of purity is ____ Saint Maria Goretti
Who is the most pure saint who can help us use our sexuality the right way? Mary
A sacrament that helps you combat temptation Eucharist
What should you develop with Christ and others to become a whole person? Friendship
We are to ____ sex in ourselves and in our relationships with others. respect
What is unfaithfulness to one's marriage partner?
What is something that dulls our human power to make correct choices? alcohol (or other drugs)
What commandment that protects love and life? ninth
Adultery and fornication are serious ____
T/F: God intends for us to use sex as entertainment false
T/F: God intends for us to use sex as thank someone after a date false
T/F: God intends for us to use sex as expression of total and permanent commitment true
T/F: God intends for us to use sex as A means to bring new people to the world true
T/F: God intends for us to use sex as the way to make us feel good when lonely/sad/bored false
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