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DLS Rel UNIT 5 Test

DLS Religion UNIT 5 Test

Speaking about a person’s faults or misdeeds Detraction
Lying while under oath Perjury
Anything that has to do with seeking to control powers beyond human nature Occult
Careless, casual, and inappropriate use of God’s name Profanity
All the qualities that characterize a person as male or female Sexuality
Replacing what was stolen or repairing what was damaged Restitution
Virtue that exists when each person’s rights are respected Justice
Righteousness Integrity
Enables you to do what people with rightful authority ask of you Obedience
T/F: Sex is meant to be a sign of total. permanent love and should be engaged in only in marriage True
T/F: Christ is present at Mass in the Scriptures, the priest, the people, and the bread and wine True
T/F: Obedience to those in authority is obedience to God, who gave them authority. True
T/F: We are obliged to obey unjust laws. False
T/F: Prayer in which we praise God and express our love for him is prayer of supplication. False
T/F: Sacrilege is all right when others are also defacing something dedicated to God. False
T/F: The liturgical year revolves around the life of Christ. True
T/F: Through practice, we grow in virtues such as obedience. True
T/F: We should not feel responsible for the earth and for other people's lives. False
T/F: Love for God should lead you to do his will. True
Does Not Belong: Forms of stealing: a) cheating b) work done poorly c) prejudice d) damaging property C, Prejudice
Does Not Belong: Correct purposes of sex: a) for spouses to express and deepen love G;.'J for entertainment c) for spouses to create new life d) to share in God's creative love B, for entertainment
Does Not Belong: Practices that attribute to people or created things the power that belongs to God: a) astrology b) Satanism c) spiritualism d) blasphemy C, spiritualism
Does Not Belong: Using God's name in the right way: a) praying b) making a vow c) swearing in court d) cursing D Cursing
Does Not Belong: Sunday: a) the Jewish Sabbath b) the day of the Resurrection c) the day of Pentecost d) the Christian Sabbath A, the Jewish Sabbath
Does Not Belong: Human virtues: a) humility b) diligence c) pride d) generosity C, Pride
Does Not Belong: Capital sins: a) lust b) wrath c) pride d) injustice D, Injustice
Does Not Belong: Holy Days of Obligation: a) Immaculate Conception b) Ascension c) Annunciation d) All Saint's Day D All Saint’s day
Does Not Belong: Ways to sin against the Fifth Commandment by not caring for yourself: a) overeating b) not eating enough c) exercising d) not eating the right foods C, Exercising
Does Not Belong: Sins against the Sixth and Ninth Commandments: a) fornication b) masturbation c) impure thoughts that come unwillingly d) homosexual acts C, impure thoughts that come unwillingly.
We should celebrate Sunday by participating in the Eucharist and making it a day of ______. Rest
The ________________ Commandment protects reputations. 8th
_____________ is unfaithfulness on the part of a husband or wife. Adultery
The worst sin against life is ______________. Murder
____________ is the virtue that controls our sexual desires by conforming them to right reason. Chastity
The capital sins can ___________ the life of God within us. kill
An __________ is anyone or anything we think is more important than God. Idol
A _________ is a free promise made to God to perform a good act not required to achieve salvation Vow
During Ordinary Time, we continue to celebrate the__________ of Jesus by considering events in his life. Life
_______ is the season of the Church year during which we prepare for the celebration.of Easter. Lent
Created by: ka1usg
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