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Unit 12 World War II

Unit 12 World War II SSWH 18

What act finally forced Britain and France to declare war on Germany? Germany invaded Poland in 1939.
What position did the US take at the beginning of World War II The US followed a policy of neutrality and isolationism.
Why did Hitler blame the Jewish population for all of Germany's troubles? Anti-semitism ( persecuting Jews) was a key part of Nazi ideology.
What was Hitler's "Final Solution"? genocide of people the Nazis considered inferior
How did Nuremberg Laws reflect the Nazi policy of anti-semitism? These laws deprived Jews of their rights as German citizens.
Why did Japan attack Pearl Harbor, Hawaii? The japanese felt the US fleet in Hawaii was a threat and had to be destroyed.
How did the US first respond to the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor? The US declared war on Japan and Japan's allies in response to this attack.
What battle turned the tide of war in North Africa in favor of the Allies? El Alamein
During which conference was the final decision to invade France and open a second front made by the Allies? Teheran Conference
What took place on D-Day? On this day Allied forces landed on Frances Normandy coast.
Which battle took place on the "island of death: and stopped the Japanese advance in the Pacific? the battle of Guadalcanal
Who went on the Bataan Death March that took place and the Philippines and why did they do this march? Allied POWs were forced by the Japanese to make this trek.
For what reasons did Truman decide to drop the atomic bomb on Japan? Truman hoped this act would decrease US casualties and end the war quickly.
What were the results of the Nuremberg Trials? Individual military personnel were held responsible for their actions during war time and could not claim they were simply following orders.
What was the purpose of the Yalta Conference? Allies met to decide how to restructure Europe after World War II.
How was Germany divided at the Yalta Conference? Germany was divided into 4 zones - each occupied by an Allied military force.
What was the main reason Poland, Czechoslovakia, Hungary and Romania became Soviet satellites after World War II? Soviet troops had occupied these countries at the end of World War II.
What portions of the Japanese economy were the primary focuses of the post-WWII recovery program? This recovery effort focused on developing industry and creating an export economy for Japan.
Why was the United Nations created after WWII? The primary purpose of this organization was to promote conditions that support world peace.
What was the Cold War and why did it begin? This conflict was a struggle over political differences that began after WWII as a result of conflicts and distrust between communist and democratic governments.
What efforts were made by the United States to contain communism? The US initiated the Marshall Plan and the Truman Doctrine to give economic and military aid to European nations that were rebuilding and to help other nations resist communism.
Created by: rblakecchs