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Middle Ages

6th grade

What is a noble during the Middle Ages? Lord
Who was young person who trained with a master craftsman without pay? Apprentice
What were a series of battles to retake the Holy Land? Crusades
Who was the young French girl who helped the French in the 100 Years War? Joan of Arc
What was the chief goal of the Crusades? To conquer the Holy Land
Who was the Muslim leader who reclaimed Jerusalem from the Christian Crusaders? Saladin
What document was signed by King John that limited the power of the English Monarchy? Magna Carta
Who was the First Frankish King? Clovis
Who was the Pope that called the First Crusade? Urban II
What were Business associations called? Guilds
William of _____________ won the battle of Hastings. Normandy
Who was the First Holy Roman Emperor? Charlemagne
Which group make up the largest part of the population in feudal society? peasants
What was the moat of a castle used for? defense
What creature help spread the plague? fleas & rats
The Crusades were wars between who Christians & Muslims
What event began the Middle Ages? Fall of the Roman Empire
What was the result of the Crusades? increase demand for goods from the East
Created by: aroxendine