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Muscular System

HOSA Med Term

abduction movement away from the body or midline
adduction movement toward the body or midline
ambulate to walk
aphasia without speech
atrophy without development
blepharospasm involuntary contraction of the eyelid
bradycardia slow heart beat
bradykinesia slow movement
dysphagia difficulty swallowing or eating
dystrophy bad development
dysphasia difficulty speaking or talking
electromyogram recording of the electrical activity of the of the muscles
endomysium pertaining to within the muscles
epimysium pertaining to on or upon the muscles
fascia fascia or fibrous bands
fibromyalgia pain in the muscles fibers
hemiplegia half paralyzed
hypertrophy over development
kinesiology study of movement or development
leiomyoma tumors of smooth muscles
myalgia muscle pain
myasthenia muscle weakness
myocardium referring to the heart muscle
myoma tumor of the muscles
myometrium muscular uterine tissue
myorrhexis rupture of the muscles
paraplegia beyond paralysis
perimysium pertaining to around the muscles
phrenic pertaining to the diaphragm
quadriplegia paralysis of all four limbs
sarcolemma muscles (flesh) membrane
tachycardia rapid heart
tendinitis inflammation of the tendon
tedinoplasty surgical repair of the tendon
tetanus condition of stiffness (refers to constant muscle contractions)
amb ambulate
CNS central nervous system
GI gastrointestinal
HR heart
IM intramuscular
K potassium
kg kilogram
lb. pound
Na sodium
MI myocardial infarction
P pulse
PK pain killer
RICE rest, ice, compression and elevation
-trophy development
tetan stiff
ten/o tendon
sarc/o flesh,muscle
-rrhexis rupture
ton/o tension, pressure
metr/I uterine tissue
-phasia speaking or talking
-phagia swallowing or eating
blephar/o eyelids
-algia pain
-duction movement
-ic pertaining to
-itis inflammation of
lei/o smooth
my/o muscle
-asthenia weakness, lack of strength
ambul- walking
ad toward
ab away
-plegia paralysis
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