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Ancient Civilization

The Mayan civilization was established in________ and ended in ______________. 250 AD to 900 AD
True or False All civilizations built monumental architecture. FALSE
Which civilization were known as the mound builders because they built large burial mounds? Mississippian
Reincarnation is Religious belief that once a member of the civilization dies, they can come back as a new person, plant or animal.
Because the Aztec lived in swampy marshes, they needed to build _______________ to farm. Floating Gardens or Chinampas
True or False All civilizations worshiped a Moon God. FALSE
Name four crops that were similarly grown in all four cultures. 1.Squash 2. Corn 3. Beans 4. Potatoes
Why did the INCA civilization have a population decline? The Spanish invasion
Which civilization had a road system that loosely connected their empire? Incan
The Aztecs built their largest city in this modern day city. Mexico City
True or False All of the civilizations have social classes. TRUE
Which civilization was known for their Math and Writing skills? Maya
Bartering is Trading system in which the civilizations would use their crops to trade for different goods.
Which civilization built canals and ditches to help irrigate their crops? Inca
What are the two climates the ancient civilizations dealt with? 1. Tropical 2. Subtropical
Which civilization had a religious practice in which they extended their citizens skulls? Inca
Why did the Aztec's population decline? Unknown (Mystery)
Monarchy is A goverment in which the civilization had ONE overall ruler.
Which civilization was violent and used their military power to advance their empire? Aztec
What is the name of the man who had trouble listening to his king and also led the Spanish invasion? Hernando Cortes
Which civilization was less violent only used it to defend their cities? Inca
Which civilization lived in Southern Mexico and Northern Central America? Aztec
Which civilization lived in South America and Andes Mountains? Inca
Which civilization lived in Mideastern United States? Mississippian
Which civilization lived in Central America? Mayan
Which civilization used "dug outs" to move along the rivers to trade with the rest of the United States? Mississippians
The Mississippians created a large mound which is currently located 30 miles east of Cinncinatti. What is it called? The Great Serpent Mound
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