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Chapter 10 Pullin

The Byzantine Empire and Muslim Civilization

Greek Fire Anything it touched was set ablaze; we do not know the exact formula; it was never written down.
Schism Split
The Five Pillars of Islam Almsgiving to the poor; prayer 5 times a day; fasting during Ramadan; Pilgrimage to Mecca; there is only one God
Caliphs Muslim ruler
Constantinople Located on the Bosporus Strait which made it a crossroads of trade
Oasis Green area within a desert that is fed by an underground water source
Muhammad Spoken to by an angel in a cave; prophet of Islam
God in Arabic Allah
In Islam, men and women are spiritually ________ Equal
The Quran Holy book of Islam
The Bosporus Strait Connect the Black Sea and the Sea of Marmara; Connects Europe and Asia
_________ in the east were gaining power at the same time as Constantinople. Muslims
Followers of Islam Muslims
Nomads People with no permanent home; they move from place to place in search of food and pasture.
Arabic Language the Quran is usually read in
Two major groups of Muslims Sunni and Shiite
Justinian Poor background; his own code of laws
Mecca Birthplace of Muhammad
Muezzin Man who calls Muslims to worship
The Golden Age of Muslim Civilization Achievements in Math, Science, and Literature
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