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Ch. 10-Rome

The Italian Peninsula stretches________southward in the Mediterranean Sea. 650 miles
The ________protect Rome from attacks and safety when the Tiber River floods during the rainy seasons. 7 hills
The Romans have the ability to _______________. learn from other cultures
The early people of Italy began their villages in the Italian Peninsula, they called themselves _______. Latins
When their villages were united by other nearby villages, they change their name to ______. “Romans”
A powerful group known as the_____conquered Rome in 600 B.C. Etruscan
There was a power struggle in the Etruscan kingdom, the Etruscan king was murdered by a noble named _____. “Tarquin”
Roman leader,__________, defeated the Etruscans and drove Tarquin and his supporters out of Rome. “Junius Brutus”
Roman citizens were divided into two main groups: The Patricians & the Plebeians
The Roman governing body or group of elected representatives is called the______. Senate
________ are officials that manage government or the army and had power over the courts. Consuls
The plebeians demands were met when they_________. refused to serve in the Roman Armies
The Senate appointed men to protect the rights of the plebeians, what were these men called? tribunes
One famous general that achieved great power in conquest was _________. Julius Caesar
In 44 B.C., Julius Caesar was _______by the Senate leaders. stabbed to death
The death of Julius Caesar cause_______in Rome. total chaos
The adopted son of Julius Caesar, ______, put down the chaos in Rome. Octavius
Octavius, was later named ______, ruled from 27 B.C. to his death in 14 A.D. Augustus Caesar
Which Roman Emperor declared himself a god and tried to make his horse a Senator in the Roman government. Caligula
Who became emperor of Rome when Caligula was murdered by his own bodyguards? Claudius
Who was the Roman Emperor after Claudius? Nero
Who were the three family members that Nero killed during his reign as Emperor of Rome? Step-brother, his mother, and his wives
What did Nero blamed the Christians for so that the people of Rome would not overrun and kill him? The Burning of Rome
How did Nero died? suicide
Who was the best Roman Emperor that restored Rome to its glory and fame? Marcus Aurelius
Christianity was started by a man named ______. “JESUS CHRIST"
How many followers did Jesus Christ have him spead the Gospel? 12 disciples
What were the 12 disciples of Jesus Christ were known as? Apostles
The Jewish leaders arrested and brought Jesus to the Roman leaders, on trial, the Romans founded Jesus what? innocent
To please the Jewish leaders, what did the Romans do to Jesus Christ? crucified on a cross
According to the Gospels, Jesus Christ did what in the third day of his bury? rose from the dead
The Apostles, ________, preached to the Jewish & Gentile communities about Jesus and his teachings. Peter & Paul
_____ were the wealthiest and most powerful citizens in Rome Patricians
________ were 90% of the population of farmers, soldiers, merchants and citizens common in Rome Plebians
The Roman governing body or a group of elected representatives is called the _________. Senators/Senate
Everyone who was born and living in Rome was a what? citizen
Who was the famous general who achieved great power in the conquest was ____. Julius Caesar
Thousands of Romans would have arrived at a sports area called the ____. Colisseum
What were two of the craziest things that Emperor Caligula do during his reign? Caligula made his horse "Senator" and he later made him a "Priest"
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