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Byzantine Empire

Who is Allah? Islamic God
What are followers of Muhammad called? Muslims
What is the word that means "flight" of Muhammad from Mecca to Media Hejira
What is the tower that houses the muezzin to call Muslims to prayer? Minaret
Roman laws which were all complied into one set of standards Justinians's code
What is another name for the Holy War? Jihad
Places for Muslim worship Mosque
Two different spellings for the Muslims sacred book Q'uran & Koran
The Eastern Roman Empire became known as what? The Byzantine Empire
Which city was the meeting place of the East and West? and a vital link of both land and sea trade? Constantinople
Justinian's goal was to what? restore the greatness of the Roman Empire
The Byzantine Church became known as what church? Eastern Orthodox Church
Which army initiated the Byzantine army at the Battle of Manzikert? Seljuk Turks
The largest group to settle Russia Slavs
Who established Orthodox Christianity as the state religion of Russia? Vladmir 1
After 2 centuries of Mongul rule in Russia, which city rose to power in the North Moscow
Who do the Arabs trace their beginnings to? Ishmael
Muhammad supposedly received his ideas for Islam through what? visions
What aspect of Judicial Christian belief influenced and impressed Muhammad? Monotheism
The major problem after Muhammad's death was what? there was no chosen successor-no lineage
Muhammad's birth place Mecca
What city did Muhammad flea to? Medina
What Byzantine Emperor beneficiated from his wife's advice, not to flee? Justinian
What are the five pillars of Islam? 1. Confession of Faith 2. Prayer 3. Alms Giving 4. Fasting during Ramadan 5. Pilgrimage to Mecca
Why are the pillars of Islam important to the Muslims? Determines place in heaven
Created by: julia.burtt