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Torah most sacred text of Judaism
Resurrection of Christ Jesus rose from the dead and vanished from his tomb three days after he was crucified
Gospels account of Jesus's life and teachings
Hanukkah a celebration of the Jewish keeping their religion
Messiah a great leader the ancient Jews predicted would come to restore the greatness of Israel
Talmud set of commandments that help explain the Jewish laws written by rabbis or religious leaders (also messages to Muhammad from God)
Qu'ran holy book of Islam- messages from God given to Muhammad
Hajj journey to mecca
Mosque building for Muslim prayer
Events of Muhammad's life born in Mecca (Saudi Arabia) 570 went to pray in 610 and heard a message from an angel saying Recite! 613 Islam spread
Characteristics of a civilization river, grow crops, food surplus, division of labor, government
Mesopotamia very fertile land (Tigris and Euphrates)
Silt mixture of rich soil and tiny rocks (made land ideal for farming) floods brought silt making crops grow--- dropped from floods
Cuneiform first system of writing (Sumerians)
Hieroglyphs writing system using pictures and symbols (Egypt)
Mongols rule of China Conquered Yan dynasty with ruler Coobla Kahn
Dynastic Cycle the transfer of power from one dynasty to another as emperors gain and loose power
Disciples Jesus's followers
Diaspora the dispersal of the Jewish population outside of Israel
10 Commandments religious and moral laws (Christians)
Mandate of Heaven the idea that Heaven chose China's ruler and gave him or her power to rule (needed Heaven's permission)
Monotheism believe in one god
Polytheism believe in many gods
Irrigation a way of supplying water to an area of land (water ways)
Ziggurat temple of worship (pyramid)
Civilization river, grow crops, food surplus, division of labor, government
Voyages of Ming dynasty improved ships and sailing skills
Exodus the journey in which Moses led his people out of Egypt
Mecca where Muhammad lived and taught
Timbuktu major trading city at the height of mali's power under mansa musa (along the Nile)
Basis of Christianity Jesus's life and teachings
Silk Road China to Europe , helped trade
Crucifixion Jesus nailed to a cross
Resurrection Jesus rose from his tomb three days after being crucified
Saint a person known and admired for their holiness
Apostle 12 people who Jesus taught
New Testament account of the life an detaching of Jesus
Parable stories that teach lessons
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