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Chapter 14

Chapter 14 sections 1-4

Who was the scholar in 1200s that said logic could prove many religious truths? Thomas Aquinas
A legislative assembly made up of the House of Commons and the House of Lords parliament
the english king who introduced the use of juries to the English judicial system. Henry II
an assembly made up of the First, Second,and Third estates Estates-General
Anglo-Saxon ruler who was defeated by the Normans at the Battle of Hastings Harold Godwinson
The duke of Normandy who defeated the Anglo-Saxons to conquer England William the Conqueror
French Duke who began a dynasty of French kings that ruled France from 987 to 1328 Philip II
A document that guaranteed basic political rights and limited the English king'a powers. Magna Carta
A unified body of law that became the basics for law in many English-speaking countries common law
Danish king that conquered England and molded the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings into one people Canute
Capetian king who greatly expanded the French kingdom's lands Hugh Capet
a style of architecture that evolved in medieval Europe in the early 1100s Gothic
The english king who led the third crusade Richard the Lion-hearted
the practice of selling positions in the church simony
the founder of the Franciscans and co-founder of the Poor Clares St. Francis of Assisi
the pope who issued the call for the first Crusade Urban II
the organized effort to drive the Muslims out of Spain Reconquista
the most famous and respected Muslim leader of his age Saladin
the crusade that resulted in the looting of Constantinople by western Christians Fourth Crusade
the church court used in Spain to persecute Jews and Muslims Inquisition
the crusade that failed in its goal of recapturing the Crusader state of Edessa from Turks Second crusade
the crusade that resulted in the capture of Jerusalem by the Christians and the creation of four Crusader states First Crusade
the crusade that resulted in the signing of a truce and an agreement to allow Christian pilgrims to visit Jerusalem
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