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Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia a story as told by two white girls.

Khmer Empire In the Southeast Asia region. Ruled from 802 AD until the 14th century. (aka Angkor Civilization)
Angkor Civilization Includes Cambodia, Southeastern Thailand, and Northern Vietnam.
Ankgor Wat Capital city, the temple here is dedicated to the Hindu god Vishnu.
Jayavarman II First Ruler. a ceremony took place at Mount Kulen, to the north of the future site of Angkor, proclaiming him as the unifier and sole sovereign ruler.
Religion Hinduism; however, toward the 12 hundreds there is a shift to Buddism, causing the abandonment of their capital and eventually the fall of their empire.
Indravarman Khmer Empire grows under his rule, Jayavarman II’s son c.877 CE
Indravarman Empire Establishes first capital at Hariharalaya began construction of massive public works projects canals, temples, step-pyramids
Effects of Indravarman Empire Used highly developed system of canals, dikes, and reservoirs. Society split into various classes Cities connected with straight, elevated roads
Governing the Empire territory split into 23 provinces positions from emperor to village leader census regularly taken
Major Cities Angkor Borei, Sambor Prei Kuk, Banteay Prei Nokor, and Wat Phu
Khmer Life People were mostly Hindu Enjoyed various ceremonies and festivals year round architecture and art reflect religion
Impact of the Angkor Used highly developed system of canals, dikes, and reservoirs (called baray). Society split into various classes Cities connected with straight, elevated roads Magnificent temples
The Fall Constant peasant revolt Constant war with neighbors High officers taker power Thai migration Buddhism: It is thought that incoming of Buddhism weakened the empire and caused its fall.
Created by: WHAP2014