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Chpt.14 test

Another term for a "holy war" crusade
Those who died in a crusade were guaranteed access to heaven
The new harness' they had for the horses enabled them to pull a plow
Everyday language in someones hometown vernacular
Scholars who met together at universities scholastics
Commercial Revolution was the expansion of trade and business as ___________ was expanding. agriculture
It was argued that most basic religious truths could be proved by a____________. logical arguement
Henry II sent _______________ to every part of England at least once a year. royal judges
The magna carta became one important step toward the development of a __________ government. democratic
William claimed the english ______ and invaded england with a norman army. crown
The two groups of people that stayed bringing their own ways and culture were the ______ and _______. angles, saxons
Because Henry held lands in France, he was a ________ to the french king. vassal
Although Henry was a vassal to the french king, he was still a ______ in his own right. knight
English kings tried to strengthen _______ over nobles and church. power
On November 1295, knights, burgesses, bishops, and lords met together at Westminster in London. What was this called? model parliament
By the year 1000, France was divided into about ___ feudal territories. 47
Eventually the growth of royal power would _______ France. unite
Phillip II siezed__________. normandy
Phillip II's heirs strengthened_____________. monarchies
Phillip IV got in quarrel with ______. pope
The estates general was a ___________. meeting
A beginning of democracy was they created a ________ law and court_________. common, court
What was the original cause for the bubonic plague? fleas
The disease killed approximately __________ of the European population. one-third
John Wycliffe preached that ______ christ was the head of the Church not the pope. jesus
Pope Boniface sent out a document stating that kings must ____ pope. obey
England and France battled on French territory for over a ________. century
There eventually came an end to _______ and ___________. chivalry, knighthood
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