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World History

what was the first american civilization in southern mexico? olmecs
what city was located in central america (mexico, guatemala, and honduras)? maya
who ruled central mexico? aztecs
what is the capital city of the aztec empire? tenochtitian
what god had a head of an feathered serpent? chinampas
who was the last aztec emperor? Montezuma II
the ball courts were used for? religious ball games
who ruled the western south america (andes mountains)? incas
who harvested the first potato crops? incas
what is it called when you cut steps in the mountains to farm? terrage farming
what is the pope's line of demarcation? Portugal got all land to the east and Spain got all land to the west
what is the treaty of tordesillas? pope moved the line further west and Portugal received brazil
the theory that became popular in renaissance is called? mercantilism
what was the trade with the colonies? colonies could only trade with mother country
which viking explorer discovered Greenland (his son Leif founded Canada)? Erik The Red
who was Leif Ericson? the first European to land in North America
who was Prince Henry? he was a Portuguese politics
which Portuguese explorer sailed around the southern tip of Africa in 1487? Bartolomieu Dias
who was the first European to sail from Europe to east Asia? Vasco Da Gama
which explorer landed in the Bahamas? Christopher Columbus
who discovered Brazil? Pedro Cabral
who was the Italian mapmaker who saw that America was not part of Asia? Amerigo Vespucci
who was the first man to lead a voyage? Ferdinand Magella
who was the Spanish Conquistador who conquered the Aztecs? Hernan Cortez
who was the Spanish Conquistador who conquered the Incas? Francisco Pizzarro
who was the explorer who mapped the coast of North America for England? John Cabot
who explored Eastern Canada and the Great Lakes region for France? Samuel De Cohmplain
who searched the North West passage to Asia? Henry Hudson
who would sell each other into slavery for guns and products? African tribes
what do colonists need workers for? American mines and Plantations
what was the Triangular Trade Route between? Europe, Africa, and the Americans
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