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ch 14

Where is the location of this unit? western europe
What is the religion that they pratice? christiatity
What is their writing? Vernacular
What was the new type of churches that they built called? gothic cathedrals
What was the main job in this civilazation? Farming
What is the new job that opened by trade? merchants
Who was britain attacked by in the 800s? Danish VIkings
What other reason did the leaders encourage people to go and fight in the crusades besides defending the holy land? to get rid of fighting or un-loyal knights
How many problems were in the church? 3
what were the 3 problems in the church? priests getting married,simony, and lay investiture
What made farming easier? The 2/3 field system
what does lay investiture mean? Kings appointed church bishops
Why were horses better then oxens? they could plow faster
What was the most common trade item? cloth
What developed? towns and cities
What killed 1/3 of the population? the bubonic plaque
Why did the bubonic plaque spread so quick? because people were unsanitary and didn't clean themsleves
What carried the bubonic plaque? fleas
How many people died in western europe because of the bubonic plaque? 25 million
What group became the first guild? Merchants
What did merchants do in their guilds? they controlled the goods and their prices
What is simony? when bishops sell their positions
Did priests marry? yes
why did people fight in the crusades? to protect their holy land
What is a good name for this age? The age of faith
Created by: Antwan410