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Ch. 14 Quiz

25 Question Quiz for Chapter 14

A priests selling his position in the Church was known as Simony
Marriage, having families, King appointing church officials, and simony are examples of what? Problems in the Church
Law were enforced against the sin in the Church, True or False True
Power that is passed down in a family is called A dynasty
The law of the Church was called what? Cannon Law
Pope had a group of advisers called the what? Curia
What were Church taxes called? Tithes
What is one of the cities? England or France
Women, Dominicans, Franciscans, and Benedicteens are all classes of what? Friars
People who traveled from place to place spreading the Church's ideas were called what? Friars
What was the main type of architecture? Gothic
How many crusades were there? at least 3
What was the main religion? Christianity
What are the large churches that were built called? Cathedrals
Who was the power struggle between? The pope and the king
They began to write thing in everyday language called Venacular
Who was was the top of the social pyramid? The King/Pope
Who came after the Kings in the social classes? Nobles
Who came after nobles in the social pyramid? Vassals
What group comes after vassals in the social pyramid? Knights
Who was at the bottom of the social pyramid? Serfs
Vikings can also be called North men of Norman
Who were the 2 groups that invaded various regions of Europe? The Angles and Saxons
What did the two-thirds field system do? Allowed farmers to use two-thirds of their land rsther than half, to plant crops.
They switched from oxen to ___________ horsepower
Why did people sign up so anxiously for the first crusade? They were told by the pope that if they died at war then they would go directly to heaven.
The Crusades were known as _______ Holy Wars
Why were people not coming back after leaving for crusades? They found better lives off of the manors.
Created by: jmckoy