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DLS Rel BLM 80

DLS Religion BLM 780

An idol can be a) God. b) money. c) self. d) both b and c. D Money & Self
A violation of and irreverence toward a person, a place, or an object that is publicly dedicated to God is a) a cult. b) profanity. c) a sacrilege. d) perjury. B Profanity
The belief that the sun, moon, planets, and stars control our lives is a) Satanism. b) astrology. c) a horoscope. d) blasphemy. B Astrology
A system of misguided religious beliefs that centers around a strong religious leader is a) witchcraft b) Satanism. c) a cult. d) occult. C Cult
Calling on God to witness to the truth of what one says is a) a vow. b) an oath. c) a curse. d) a sacrilege. B an oath
Swearing is a) language that insults God. b) cursing. c) both a and b d) superstitious. A Language
Lying under oath is a) profanity. b) perjury. c) cursing. d) spiritualism B Perjury
Worship of the devil is a) Satanism. b) astrology. c) witchcraft. d) profanity. A Satinism
Vulgar language a) is acceptable. b) shows disrespect for God and others. c) is offensive words that show irreverence for the human body. d) both band c. C offensive words that show irreverence for the human body
Careless, too frequent, and inappropriate use of God' s name is a) blasphemy. b) profanity. c) perjury. d) idolatry. A Blasphemy
The first ____________ commandments direct you to give your love completely to God
An __________ is anyone or anything you think is more important than God Idol
The occult has to do with seeking to control powers beyond human nature with something that is not __________. Divine
Being grateful for all of God's gifts is ________ Thanksgiving
Praising God and telling him how much you love him is the prayer of
The name of God, _______ was so great that the Israelites never said it aloud. Yaweh
A free promise made to God to perform a good act not required for salvation is a ___________
The Second Commandment tells us to honor God's _______________ Name
Astrology, Satanism, Witchcraft, and spiritualism are wrong because in them we treat created things and persons as though they had God’s _____________ power
The First Commandment calls us to love ____________ above all else God
Created by: ka1usg