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DLS Rel BLM 74

DLS Religion BLM 74

Just for fun, your friends decide to hold a seance. They say it won't hurt because they don't really believe anything will happen Devalues What prayer means
Your brother plays music that has satanic lyrics. He says he likes the tune and doesn't really pay attention to the words Ask him to Stop
A classmate tells you that she will fail the English test. Her astrology chart predicted bad luck for today. An excuse for not studying
Near your school is a store that sells books on witchcraft. Tell a church and don’t buy anything there.
You read in a newspaper that a group of kids dug up a grave, searching for bones to use in satanic ritual ceremonies An excuse to dig up bones
You watch a movie in which the star does needless violence to an animal. Don’t Watch
Your younger sister reads a book that says magic is harmless. She asks you about it. Tell her it is harmful and is fake
Caleb brings a Ouija board to a party. He suggests everyone ask questions of the Ouija board about members of the·class.
Diego is your next door neighbor. His sister moves away from home and joins a cult. Now she writes letters to Diego, telling him all the good she is doing for the world. Diego is slowly getting more and more convinced that the cult is good. Tell him it is against God.
Anita "loves" a new actor so much that she uses all her money to buy DVDs starring this person and books about her. She begins to imitate the way this person talks and tries to have the same lifestyle as the star.
Created by: ka1usg
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