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White Module

Reverse Defs Female Reproduction

ovaries almond-shaped glands
uterine fibroids benign uterine tumours
pregnancy condition in which a fertilized ovum develops in the uterus
pap test detects abnormal cells in the cervix and vagina
conization excision of a cone-shaped piece of tissue
lumpectomy excision of a small primary breast tumour
mastectomy excision of the entire breast
pseudocyesis false pregnancy
galactorrhea flow of milk
cryosurgery freezing tissue to destroy cells
sterility inability to become pregnant
oxytocics increases strength and frequency of contractions
cervicitis inflammation of the cervix
vaginitis inflammation of the vagina
gestation length of time from conception to birth
chorioncarcinoma malignant neoplasm of the uterus
pelvimetry measurement of the pelvis
eclampsia most serious form of toxemia
os mouth or opening (ostomy)
vagina muscular tube from the cervix to outside of the body
gynecologist one who specializes in the study of the female
uterus organ that contains and nourishes the embryo from the time of fertilization until birth
dyspareunia pain during intercourse
placenta previa placenta is attached near the cervix
abruption placenta premature separation of the placenta
tubal ligation procedure that ties the fallopian tubes
lactation production of milk
mammography radiographic exam of the breasts
HSG (hysterosaplingography) radiography of the uterus an uterine tubes
kernicterus serious condition involving mental retardation, jaundice and brain damage
pruritus vulvae severe itching of the female genitalia
colpoclesis surgical closure of the vagina
mammoplasty surgical reconstruction of the breast
colporrhaphy suture of the vagina
cerclage suturing of the cervix
prostaglandins terminate pregnancy (with pharmaceuticals)
abortion termination of pregnancy
menopause the end of the menstruation for the remainder of a woman's life
estrogens treat symptoms of menopause
antifungals treat vaginal yeast infections
laparoscopy visual exam of the abdominal cavity
colposcopy visual exam of the cervix and vagina
leukorrhea white vaginal discharge
D & C widening the cervix and scraping the uterus
nullipara woman who has never produced a viable off spring
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