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Digestive Disorders

Definition of an Ulcer circumscribed, crater like lesion in the mucosa membrane
How deep can an ulcer go? It can go into the submucosa and into the muscularis and the serosa.
Where are Gastric Ulcers located? Ulcers are within the stomach.
What ages does gastric ulcers typically affect? ages from 55-70
Where are duodenal ulcers located? Small intestine
What ages does duodenal ulcers typically affect? any age and some noted in early adulthood
What are peptic ulcers? Ulcers of the Upper GI tract
Do peptic ulcers affect men or women more? Men
What is the location of peptic ulcers? most commonly found in the proximal duodenum, antrum of the stomach (distal portion), less frequently in the lower esophagus
When erosion invades a blood vessel, what kind of bleeding could be involved? Occult (hidden blood in stool), massive hemorrhage, blood loss varies depending on the size of the blood vessel involved.
Why is healing of a peptic ulcer difficult? Lesion can not be isolated by irritants, granulation tissue, fibrous scar tissue.
How can the mucosal barrier be damaged? Blood supply, stress induced vasoconstriction, smoking, shock, circulatory impairment in the elderly, severe anemia.
What is the Etiology of Peptic Ulcers? helicobacter pylori
Causitive agent of peptic ulcers? H. Pylori
Is H pylori gram negative or positive? Negative
True of False H. Pylori is NOT a microaerophilic curved rod Bacteria. FALSE grows best in 5% oxygen levels which is the same level as in the stomach
H. Pylori colonizes in the stomach how? Bacteria twists into the mucosa, colonizes, produces urease, catalyzes urea to ammonia and carbon dioxide. This creates an alkaline halo that protects bacteria from gastic acids.
What is the transmission of H. Pylori? Not known.... but can also occur oral - oral & fecal - oral, contaminated drinking water, food contamination
S&S of H. Pylori epigastric burning or aching 2-3 hours after meal and @ night. spicy food can irritate, nausea & vomiting, heartburn.
Why is there weight gain with H. Pylori? people with peptic ulcers find that milk, ice cream, and certain foods help coat the stomach lining thats irritated. There for creating weight gain.
What is the reasoning of weight loss and anorexia with H. Pylori? Some people will not eat due to the pain of the peptic ulcer.
What kind of Diagnostic Tests are involved with H Pylori? Upper GI, endoscopy, tissue biopsy, Blood test checking for antibodies, Urea breath test, and stool test.
Complications of H. Pylori. Hemorrhage, Perforation , Bowel Obstruction, and Adhesions, cancer.
Treatment for H. Pylori? 2 week course of triple therapy treatments of 2-different antibiotics and an acid suppressor.
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