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Chapter 2

The Word of God in Sacred Scripture

The Word of God written by humans acting under the Holy Spirit's inspiration and guidance; another name for the Bible. Sacred Scripture
The Gift of the Holy Spirit which assisted the human authors in writing the Bible to ensure it contained the truths God wanted us to know. Divine Inspiration
The Church's complete list of inspired books included in Sacred Scripture. canon of Scripture
A document from the Second Vatican Council helps us to understand that there is truth in other religions, while reminding us that the fullness of truth subsists and lives within the Catholic Church. The Declaration on Religious Freedom
Gospel means: "good news". The Gospel message is the Good News of God's Kingdom and his saving love.
The four inspired human authors of the Gospels: Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John
Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John wrote about Jesus' life and ministry which helped to spread Jesus' Good News to people of many nations. the four Evangelists
__________ addresses a Jewish audience and wants to show them that Jesus is the fulfillment of the Old Testament accounts and promises of a Messiah. This Gospel emphasizes Jesus as the new covenant who fulfills the old covenant. Matthew
__________ stresses the announcement of God's Kingdom. He shows how the disciples did not always understand Jesus, and only gradually came to know who he is. When they did, they were ready to proclaim him to the world. Mark
____ focuses on practical & ordinary things so that people will be open to Jesus' msg of salvation in their life. Written for Gentiles (Greek Christians), the Gospel emphasizes Jesus as a Savior who helps us overcome the evil of sin, suffering + death. Luke
____ focuses on spiritual things, & readers can see they are entering into an intimate relationship of love with God. Jesus is shown answering questions and when they misunderstood, he tells them more so they can understand his truth. John
It is important for us to know God's laws so our __________ can help us make good decisions. conscience
The __________ present Jesus' life, ministry, and teachings Gospels
True or False: Even though the Bible was written by humans, God is the author because he inspired the writers. True
True or False: When John writes in his Gospel that the Word was God, he is referring to the Holy Spirit. False. John was referring to Jesus.
True or False: The primary sense of Scripture refers to the actual words that have been recorded. False. The literal sense of Scripture refers to the actual words.
True or False: The spiritual sense of Scripture includes the allegorical sense [a story in which the characters and events are symbols that stand for ideas about human life or historical situation], showing how certain events pointed to Christ. True.
True or False: The letters of Paul are the central books of Scripture because they present Jesus's life, ministry, and teaching. False. The Gospels are the central books of Scripture.
The __________ sense of Scripture refers to the actual words that have been recorded. literal
Catholics respond to God and commit themselves to follow God's Word during __________. Mass
In the Bible, the literary form of __________ helps people recall, in a straightforward way, something about God's relationship with the world. narrative stories
The __________ of Scripture explains how to live justly and humbly before God. moral sense
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