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Chapter 1

The Mystery of God

Steadfast love, truth, almighty attributes of God
Choosing to turn from God sin
God is, was, and always will be eternal
What is Divine Revelation? Divine Revelation is the process by which God gradually makes himself known.
Why do humans need the salvation of Jesus Christ? Because of the actions of our first parents, all humans have the tendency to sin; Jesus came to turn us back to God the Father and restore us to the original state of goodness for which we were created.
Created in the image of God, humans have the ability to think, __________, be free, love and be in a relationship with God and others. choose
A __________ a truth of faith that cannot be fully understood but is believed because God has shown it to us through Scripture, his Son, or the Church. mystery
Through ______________, God wants to reconcile creation to himself. his Son
The story of God's relationship with his Chosen People is recorded in the __________. Old Testament
The ability to think and make connections intellect
the Divine likeness in all human beings that comes rom being made y God and includes the ability to think, choose, be free, love, and be in relationship with God and others image of God
"God is" and "has always been," even before the beginning of thime, and will be forever eternal
Because of the depth of who God is cannot be seen or understood by humans, God is a __________. a mystery
Because God is __________, we can believe in his promise to bring salvation to all people. faithful
Out of nothing, God created the Heavens and the Earth, and made humans in his __________. image and likeness
Our first parents, Adam and Eve, are able to see the reflection of God through his creation because he gave them the gift of __________. human reason
The exodus of the Israelites from slavery in Egypt foreshadowed the __________ that Christ would bring. salvation
Even when we disobey him, God shows us __________. compassionate love
We will only fully know and understand God when we are in __________. Heaven
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