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Unit 12 Between Wars

Unit 12 Between Wars, SSWH 17

How did Russian czars deal with calls for reform? Czars ignored calls for reform.
What were Sun Yixian's Three Principles of the People? Nationalism, people's rights, people's livelihood
What kind of economy did Stalin establish in the Soviet Union? command economy with all decisions made by the government
How did Freud's ideas weaken people's faith in reason? His psychological theories stressed that much of human behavior is irrational.
What were Lenin's hopes for the future of the Russian Revolution? Lenin hoped similar socialist rebellions would spread throughout Europe.
Whose theory of relativity replaced Newton's comforting beliefs in a universe run by absolute laws with uncertainty? Albert Einstein
Which artist partnered with George Braque to create the new style of cubism Pablo Picasso
What practice allowed the Fascists in Italy and Nais in Germany to gain power? Both used terror tactics against political opponents.
Economic decline and weak, ineffective governments allowed for the rise of this new militant political movement in Europe and Asia following World War I. Fascism
How did World War I affect science, art, and social thinking? People were disillusioned with the past and began to challenge the old, traditional ways of thinking.
By what means did Hitler, Stalin, and Mussolini try to control their citizens? police terror, censorship, indoctrination
How did British Prime Minister Chamberlain try to preserve peace in Europe? He proposed giving the Sudetenland to Hitler as an act of appeasement.
What basic belief characterizes totalitarianism? The needs of the state are more important than the rights of the individual.
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